LUXlife Pet Product & Services Awards 2018

Page 24 LUX 2018 Pet Product & Services Awards Since 1994, Sarah has been busy inventing and testing enrichment products; toys and activities that help provide mental and physical stimulation to pets and animals. Sarah discusses her journey and how she came to create a product that appeals to a wide range of clients around the world. “Personally, I was working as an Animal Behaviourist with canines, equines, livestock and caged animals when I started designing and producing a range of enrichment products to help with behavioural and welfare issues. The products were so popular that I then decided to make them available to others. I’ve been hand making Ruffle Snuffle ® Mats since 1994 when I owned my first potbellied pig. Back then it was called a Rooting Rug. “Today, Ruffle Snuffle’s customers span the globe and nothing makes me happier than receiving a photo or video of the animal with their Ruffle Snuffle ® Mat and toys. I have sent mats far and wide and to a number of celebrity dog owners too whom I love to help. All my products are handmade in the UK and I use local talent produce them. It feels great to be able to support both young and old people who just love making things that bring joy to animals. We like to add a personal touch too, so our Ruffle Snuffle ® Mats can be embroidered with the pet’s name. “The mat provides entertainment for dogs because the action of sniffing out a treat is hugely satisfying and self-rewarding for your dog (just like barking, but not as noisy). The soft fleece strips on the mat make it gentle on noses and the mat has many uses in training and behaviour support including: slowing down fast eaters, a reward tool in training classes and a distraction to help dogs settle. Did you know, 15 minutes of sniffing uses as many calories as an hour’s walk? This is why a Ruffle Snuffle ® Mat makes a great activity for The Ruffle Snuffle ® Mat is an enrichment activity designed to use every dog’s greatest sense, their nose. Founder Sarah White talks us through this unique, pioneering product and how she came to develop it. Ruffle Snuffle Most Innovative Pet Entertainment Product: Ruffle Snuffle ® Mats