LUXlife Pet Product & Services Awards 2018 Page 25 LUX 2018 Pet Product & Services Awards puppies or highly active dogs who still have boundless energy even after a walk.” Since Sarah started creating the Ruffle Snuffle ® Mat she has noticed significant changes to the pet and dog training markets. These changes make her unique product even more relevant, as she proudly explains. “Over the last 10 years, I have watched the pet industry change dramatically, particularly in dog training. The polar change from physical ’alpha domination’ style training that was made famous by Cesar Milan to the gentle ‘positive reinforcement’ attitude now championed by people like Victoria Stilwell (who’s blog I also write for) has been fabulous. The recent ban across the UK on electronic shock collars is some of the best news for dogs, ever. “Once owners understand how animals learn, it makes a huge difference and the principles of positive reinforcement are simple to grasp. Getting it right from the start is so much easier for both owner and animal. We train animals from the day they are born by reinforcing the behaviours we do want, and ignoring those behaviours that we don’t want. These changes in the industry are also great news for all our pets. Thanks to the TV there is more education on what is going on in the pet’s mind. For example, there is now more awareness on why a dog is exhibiting certain behaviours which may be due to fear or learned helplessness. Conditions such as separation anxiety have also become more widely recognised. This is where my Ruffle Snuffle ® Mat is ideal. It provides mental and physical stimulation, can be used as a distraction in a fearful situation, such as the dog groomers or vets. It’s a useful tool when you want your dog to settle as it provides a self-rewarding desirable behaviour.” Ultimately, the Ruffle Snuffle ® Mat’s success so far can be attributed to Sarah’s vast knowledge of pet behaviour, as well as the pet care market. Looking to the future, she will continue to draw on this as she seeks to provide pet owners around the world with the support they need to have a fulfilling and rewarding relationship with their companion, as Sarah proudly concludes. “Overall, my goal is to reach out to animal owners to educate them about how positive training and my products can help enrich their pet’s life and make them both happier together. I am proud of the recognition my business and products have already received and look forward to a bright future.” Company: Ruffle Snuffle Contact: Sarah White Address: The Officer’s Mess Business Centre, Royston Road, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, CB22 4QH Phone: 01763 877505 Web Address: