LUXlife Pet Product & Services Awards 2018 Page 27 LUX 2018 Pet Product & Services Awards From our own point of view, we will focus on using online opportunities a lot more to help educate dog owners and professionals and help pet owners build better behaviour in preventive care. A closer contact with the public using our products can help us improve our services and approach.” Speaking of technology, Ole is keen to point out how the firm employs technology to ensure that clients enjoy the best possible experience with the firm. “Our network of specialists is extremely important, as they help us to keep up with the latest in findings and technology development. As we are family company, we work closely together and often find ourselves in the crossing between finding in the vet world and the human world. “Petosan is highly dedicated to R&D and has spent at least 25% of its yearly turnover on R&D in the past five years. However, we are strongly increasing R&D expenditure in the current year as well as in the years to come. Petosan employs researchers with decades of R&D experience at the very forefront of both human and pet dental medicine.” It is no secret that behind every successful company, is dedicated team of individuals who work tirelessly to ensure that the firm reaches exceptional heights. For Petosan, Ole gushes about the talented individuals who are a part of the team. “At Petosan, we have a culture that is passionate about pets. The interest in improving pet’s oral health is ingrained within the management and this has developed within the company. “Also, it is important to mention that Petosan is a small and network based company, meaning that we use our network extensively and work with a number of different industry experts with high expertise in a particular field. Our primary concern is not necessarily becoming a large company, but rather employ people that can help us stay unique and competent. In addition to this, our philosophy is to outsource as much as we can of traditional services. “For those of our staff who are dog parents, brushing their dogs’ teeth is mandatory. We live our brand and do frequently discuss challenges in the daily routine, our experiences and everybody is heard. All staff know the basics of our developments and focus is placed both on behaviour, and on tools and remedies available on the market. Trying out competing products and how they perform is an important part of understanding the market and the challenges that we try all try and overcome. In addition, we are humble to other people’s efforts and ideas. This is because seeing it all in perspective, is important in order to improve. Best Pet Dental Care Company 2018