LUXlife Pet Product & Services Awards 2018

Page 28 LUX 2018 Pet Product & Services Awards “With thousands of toothbrushes and dental remedies collected over generations in our companies, we regularly find products on the market which have been discarded in the human field, and relaunched in the pet field. Often with similar results in the new market. It’s a great help to know the story of some many of the products tried in the market.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for Petosan, Ole highlights the company’s main ambitions, including continuing to build a global brand. “In short: Continued education, learning more from our clients and our networks in order to develop new and better solutions. “Since oral disease is identified as the number-one health problem in dogs and cats, coupled with the current trends in owners humanising their pets, the oral care segment of the market is set to be one of the fastest growing areas in the industry. Petosan’s vision is to continue to build a global brand by offering a comprehensive set of world class tools to help dog owners adequately clean their pets’ teeth at home. A clear and logic three-step programme supports dog owners in adopting the necessary behaviour to prevent dental disease. “Dental care at home should include tooth brushing, as this is currently the only way to control plaque at and below the gum line. Adequate dental care at home must be regarded as a process, built carefully step by step, teaching the dog to have its mouth handled, getting used to the flavour of the paste and experiencing products like the oral cleaner finger cloth and the double headed toothbrush. Dog owners mastering tooth brushing will experience a strong bonding effect between their dogs and themselves. “Petosan is highly dedicated to R&D and has spent at least 25% of its yearly turnover on R&D in the past five years. However, they are strongly increasing R&D expenditure in the current year as well as in the years to come. Petosan employs researchers with decades of R&D experience at the very forefront of both human and pet dental medicine.” Contact: Ole Barman Company: Petosan Petosan As Unnelandsveien Haukeland, NO-5268, Norway Telephone: 0047 55 25 40 95 Web Address: