Pet Products and Services 2019 Page 11 LUX Pet Product and Services Awards 2019 For more than 18 years Dogmatic has been producing the award-winning headcollar that offers full control but is safe and gentle. Designer Susan Lewsley has had back, leg and neck pain for 28 years due to disc/nerve problems and arthritis resulting in nine major back operations and two major neck operations plus arthritis in her hands. She has had her spine rebuilt from pelvis to neck. This meant she could no longer walk or even hold the dogs she had loved and shown for many years, which was an upsetting change in her life. She and her family had kept Dobermanns for 26 years and enjoyed showing them. They were using the known makes of Headcollars but found, not only did they not stop them pulling, they were all rubbing and riding up into their dogs’ eyes and they had even managed to get them off. Dogmatic (UK) Ltd is an innovative dog collar creator which has developed a unique headcollar designed to keep dogs of all shapes and sizes safe and under control. To celebrate the firm’s success for the second year in a row in the Pet Products & Services Awards we profile the firm and share the story behind the product that has led it to the success it enjoys today. Dogmatic (UK) Ltd: Most Innovative Dog Collar Manufacturers 2019 - UK As such, Susan and her daughter Zoe worked with a local saddler who created a range of prototypes, which the pair trialled to create a solution that would help Susan to walk her dogs again in comfort. Over the years the prototype headcollar has since evolved into the present design and the finished product not only is comfortable but does not ride up or go near the dog’s eyes. It works on all breeds/sizes of dog and ensures your dog will immediately follow where you want to lead. An extra bonus is that, in an emergency, the Dogmatic can be used to close the dog’s mouth and turn its head to enable the owner to keep their dog safe but immediately releases again allowing the dog to pant, drink, or carry a toy. It is very comfortable for the dog to wear and offers complete control for the owner. Thanks to this unique innovation, the Dogmatic team have even been able to help other disabled owners with their dogs and also dogs in rescue who were previously untrainable and, therefore, unable to be rehomed. As such they have been able to use the innovation to benefit both owners and their dogs. Together Zoe and Susan have slowly built up the Dogmatic brand and the headcollar, collars and leads are now in shops, vets, on trade stands, being used by police, prison officers, rescues, behaviourists, trainers and clubs as well as individual dog owners. Being passionate dog owners, the Dogmatic team try to help small businesses, clubs, rescues and other organisations by offering low minimum orders at trade prices, so any profits can go back into them. The Dogmatic solution is also endorsed by famous dog Behaviourist Dr David Sands and recommended as his headcollar of choice in his books. Seeking to build upon the success of the Dogmatic brand, Zoe and Susan will continue to work to ensure that their solution meets the needs of today’s dogs and their owners over the coming years so that they can continue to enjoy safe and comfortable interactions. Company: Dogmatic (UK) Ltd Contact: Zoe Lewsley Website: