Pet Products and Services 2019 Page 19 LUX Pet Product and Services Awards 2019 Established in 1979, CPC has been in the pet cremation market for more than 40 years. During this time, it has developed a strong network of contacts in the veterinary sector and gained a reputation for excellence and respectful conduct among pet owners nationwide. Jon begins by exploring the firm’s service offering in more detail. “At CPC we take great pride in being the UK’s leading, and largest family owned pet crematorium company, with crematoria across the country and a vast network of veterinary clients. For these clients we collect their client’s deceased pets, as well as any clinical waste. They can rest assured that, as an established company with a vast infrastructure and over 40 years’ experience in the market, we can dispose of their clinical waste safely and in full compliance with the latest industry regulations. We cremate pets sent to us in a respectful manner, and if the ashes are not required to be returned then we can scatter token ash in our garden of remembrance. “For those owners who wish to keep their pet’s ashes or want to have a lasting memorial to their pet, we can provide a selection of caskets, urns and tributes to suit all tastes. We also have trained bereavement councillors who can liaise with pet owners to ensure that they understand the cremation process and feel supported throughout. Owners know that their beloved pet will be in safe hands when they entrust him or her to CPC.” This focus on providing a respectful service is what sets CPC apart from its competitors in the market, as Jon highlights. Supporting a wide range of pet owners nationwide, Cambridge Pet Crematorium (CPC) is the nation’s leading pet cremation service provider. As part of our showcase of a selection of the winners from this year’s Pet Products & Services Awards, we invited Jon Baily to talk us through its award-winning service offering. CPC: Pet Cremation Services Provider of the Year 2019 - Cambridgeshire “With pet ownership on the rise and owners being increasingly keen to make sure that their pet receives the best care even after he or she has passed on, the pet cremation market is currently highly competitive. CPC is unique in this space as we have a large network of independent and corporate veterinary practices that trust us with their clients’ pets. Unlike other smaller crematoria, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide a full service from the moment the pet is sent to us through to supporting its owners and helping them come to terms with their loss.” Keen to share the benefits of its vast experience, CPC offers a range of online resources for owners including a regularly updated blog, which features a variety of posts on supporting owners through the process of grieving for their pet, as well as offering more general pet care insight. Jon discusses the blog and how it benefits its readers. “Thanks to our wealth of experience, CPC is able to offer our clients a resource to help guide them through the challenge of losing a pet. Our blog is a combination of useful articles such as one on how to speak to children about the death of a family pet, as well as other more general pet care insights, such as caring for a new kitten or pet friendly hotels. We also offer themed posts based around public holidays, such as our recent post on DIY pet costumes owners can make for Easter!” As he looks to the future, Jon foresees even greater success for CPC, with the firm set to grow alongside the market throughout 2019 and further ahead. “With the pet cremation market continuing to grow and CPC’s reputation for excellence as strong as ever, the future looks bright for us. We will be welcoming new veterinary clients to our network over the coming months, and to support this growth we anticipate that we will expand further with the number of sites we operate. I am sure that CPC will continue to provide the exceptional services that we have come to be renowned for, and I look forward to seeing the evolution and growth the firm undertakes moving forward.” Company: CPC | Contact: Jon Baily Website: Email: [email protected]