Pet Products and Services 2019 Page 23 LUX Pet Product and Services Awards 2019 Developed following many years of academic and practical research, the ArcEquine supports a horses’ body’s naturally occurring bio-crrents in order to boost the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) within cells. ATP is the energy providing molecule that is required for all metabolic cellular processes which are fundamental for facilitating pain management and tissue repair. This award-winning solution is produced by ARC Microtech Limited, a technology company that produces a range of highly successful microcurrent therapy devices. Thanks to its unique functionality and unrivalled effectiveness, the product is now being used by a range of clients including vets, chiropractors and physios to treat injuries and common equine conditions, as well as anybody looking to care for their horse in order to keep them in the best possible condition. Designed for equine use, the ArcEquine is the smallest wide-spectrum microcurrent device in the world. To celebrate the product’s win in this year’s Pet Products & Services Awards we profile it and share an insight into how this unique solution is changing the way horses in pain are treated. ArcEquine: Best Wearable Equine Pain Management Product: ArcEquine As testimony to the effectiveness of the ArcEquine, it is now being used by some of the equine market’s most elite horse trainers, Olympic gold medallists and other competitive riders to help their horses in the leadup to competitions and to speed up the recovery after gruelling events. A truly innovative product, ArcEquine is both a maintenance as well as a recovery device, effectively meaning owners receive two devices rolled into one. While the complex patented technology behind the device is the result of almost £1 million of Research and Development, 10 years of work and hundreds of prototypes, the user interface had been reduced down to four treatment programmes and only two buttons on the device. All the complexity takes place within the device and as such the user can enjoy an easy, hassle- free process that ensures safety for the horse and ease-of-use for the owner. Whilst providing an effective product is vital, the team at ARC Microtech also understand that they need to provide the highest possible standard of service to clients. As such, throughout the process, from the client making enquiries through to purchase and use of the ArcEquine, the firm’s expert customer service team are on-hand to provide support and advice. They can communicate with clients through a range of mediums, including email, phone or via one of the firm’s cutting-edge online platforms, including its easy-to-use website or regularly updated social media pages. Over the years, from its a simple desire to help others, ARC Microtech has been able to expand distribution throughout the UK and Europe while also shipping the ArcEquine to over 23 countries around the world. Currently the firm is expanding even further, with a full-time local presence in the USA, Australia, South Africa and the UAE. Recently the firm added the Arc4Pets to its product line-up in order to give the owners of smaller pets the benefits of Microcurrent Therapy as well, and this development will offer the company even more exciting opportunities to enhance its current success and better serve the ever- growing pet owning market. Ultimately, it is ARC Microtech’s belief that every horse should have an ArcEquine, and as such over the coming years the firm will keep expanding to realise this dream. Company: ArcEquine Address: Unit 7, Woodland Enterprise Centre, Hastings Road, Flimwell, East Sussex TN5 7PR, United Kingdom Telephone Number: +44 (0)1580 755504 Web Address: Web Address: