Pet Products and Services 2019

Page 24 LUX Pet Product and Services Awards 2019 Since its inception in 1992 Robison Hoof Trimming has been providing an extensive selection of quality products designed for use by the Professional Hoof Trimmers and Farriers. Thanks to its diverse range of solutions and quality products, the firm is now a key player in the market. It offers everything from standard products through to innovations such as solutions to keep horses warn whilst their feet are being shod. The firm also offers replacement parts to make repair quick and easy, ensuring the longevity its solutions. With an easy-to-use website, Robison Hoof Trimming is able to meet the needs of clients throughout the US and provide them with the health care and horse shoe products they need to keep their clients’ animals healthy and happy. Products can also be offered to clients internationally, so that clients around the world can enjoy these quality, unique products. For more than 27 years Robison Hoof Trimming has been providing innovative hoof trimming solutions. As part of our showcase of this year’s Pet Products & Services Awards we profile the firm to learn more about the solutions it has to offer. Robison Hoof Trimming: Hoof Trimming Specialists of the Year - Oregon As testimony to the level of excellence the firm provides, many of its clients choose to refer friends or colleagues to Robison Hoof Trimming. With many clients being either referrals or repeat customers, the firm is able to communicate with clients and ensure that they are continually receives the solutions they need and expect. This collaborative approach allows Robison Hoof Trimming to remain ahead of the emerging developments within the horse care market. With regards to the future, Robison Hoof Trimming will remain dedicated to providing clients with innovative solutions. As owners continually search for ways to keep their animals feeling and looking great, the firm will remain dedicated to devising and supplying innovative products that cannot be found elsewhere. Contact: Travis Robison Website: