Pet Products and Services 2019

Page 26 LUX Pet Product and Services Awards 2019 Supplying both groomers and owners, PetPerfume is a cruelty-free brand who supports and promotes the use of natural products for dogs. The 2019 Pet Products & Services Awards is committed to showcasing some of the most innovative and unique solutions on the market today, and as such we are proud to tell you more about this creative brand. The PetPerfume Boutique: Best Natural Dog Grooming Products Manufacturer 2019 - Northern Ireland As pets become more like family members than animals who live with us, consumers are increasingly looking for new products that mimic human solutions and offer their canine companion the chance to experience the finer things in life. Seeking to capitalise on this burgeoning market, PetPerfume has developed a range of dog colognes and perfumes that are completely natural and free from parabens, alcohol and other chemicals. For more than three years The PetPerfume Boutique has worked diligently to create this unique selection of products. Pet safety is paramount for the firm, and as such the team had to test every product thoroughly before bringing it to market. The team only use high quality natural and organic ingredients sourced from the United Kingdom to ensure quality. Unlike many grooming products on the market, the brand does not use alcohol as this causes the skin to dry out and produce flakes, and instead uses natural alternatives that are kind to skin and rejuvenating. Today, PetPerfume boasts of more than 60 designer inspired fragrances for both male and female dogs. This family-run business concentrates more on producing high quality natural products than producing mass quantities of in-superior products. As a result, clients can rest assured that they are getting only the highest quality products when they buy from this innovative company. Humorous pet product names such as Kennel No.5, Bark Opium, Jimmy Chew and Jo MaBone entice clients, and each product is provided in a luxurious gold, silver bottle or glass with a sweet dog photo on the front. Each scent has an array of undertones and top notes, offering a depth of smell that cannot be found on cheaper, lower quality end products. Scents can be purchased singularly, wholesale or even in travel kits. As part of its drive to grow and prosper, over the coming years PetPerfume will continue to expand its product portfolio and research new solutions to make dogs look, feel and, most importantly, smell great. Company: The PetPerfume Boutique Name: Lynsey Thompson Address: 112a Movilla Road, Newtownards, Co Down, BT23 8RQ Web Address: Telephone Number: 0800 0614161 The PetPerfume Boutique