Pet Products & Services Awards 2022

Page 18 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services A Clinical Pet Nutritionist and Herbalist owns Fetch RI, a holistic, one-of-a-kind pet retail and supply company. It is a shop that works in collaboration with pet owners to ensure that they learn how to support their pet’s spirit and longevity through the implementation of a holistic approach to health. Henceforth, Fetch RI boasts a diverse range of products that promote a healthier lifestyle for the betterment of the mind, body, and soul. At its core, Fetch RI is on a mission to encourage pet owners to invest in their pet’s health now, in order to cultivate an illness-free future. ‘As not only the owner, but also as a Clinical Pet Nutritionist and herbalist, I have done the due diligence to ensure that every product in our store supports overall, optimal health,’ emphasises Johnna Devereaux, C.P.N. Johnna established the business due to the love she has for her dog. The story begins when Johnna first met her ‘soul dog’ in a shelter when he was just three days old. Born in the shelter, Diego was a sweet, friendly dog who, Johnna would later learn, had considerable sensitivities surrounding Fetch RI is a holistic pet supply boutique that truly prioritises your pet’s health. Supported by a wealth of experience in clinical pet nutrition, Fetch RI boasts a diverse range of products that have been proven to benefit your furry friend, not only now, but also in the long run. We speak to Johnna Devereaux, the company’s founder, about the business, its goals, and her beloved dog Diego… Apr22196 Fetch RI Best Holistic Pet Supply Boutique - Rhode Island food. The pair connected immediately. After months of following conventional advice and no improvement to Diego’s reactions to food, Johnna decided to utilise her own knowledge. ‘I began using the herbs I had worked with for years and combined them with high quality food; Diego’s hive-like reactions, yeasty ears and itchy skin began to heal,’ she testifies. ‘I realized at that moment that I needed to learn more so I could do better by him. Diego is the reason I became a Clinical Pet Nutritionist, and the reason Fetch RI came into being—so like-minded pet parents would have a place to turn to.’ As shown in Diego’s story, everything that enters an animal’s body has an effect on their health – be it positively or adversely. Thus, the goods supplied by Fetch RI are infused with this fact. The company thrives upon making a positive impact on the health of pets, claiming that making animals feel better is the most rewarding component of its work. ‘Though we have to admit,’ Johnna continues, ‘that seeing pet parents “get” how easy it can be to make small changes that have large impacts on their pet’s health comes in at a close second.’ It is imperative for Fetch RI that it encourages individuals to do their homework, as questions, and speak up for their pets. Pets play an enormous role within the lives of many, providing an abundance of love, happiness, and comfort – as such, it is vital for owners to contribute to the beautiful interspecies relationship by advocating for their animals. Be it a dog or a cat, Fetch Ri strives to show each animal love. In essence, the company practices what it preaches, embodying a passion for premium animal care. Unfortunately, Johnna recently lost Diego due to high-grade osteosarcoma. In his memory, Johnna has established a 501c3, named The Diego Fund, to provide supplies for shelter dogs and financial assistance for pets with medical needs. His passing has altered Johnna’s mission and plans for the upcoming year, as the sad news reignited a fire to educate as many pet parents as possible about the impact of the food they purchase, the environment they create, and exposure to toxins can have on their pet’s health. Johnna concludes, ‘I will never know if the choices made in Diego’s early life played a part in his development of cancer, but I can assure you, that his diet and lifestyle allowed him to live a vital, happy life right to the end. Pet parents need to understand that they have options in how they raise their beloved pets and that every choice they make has a direct impact on their longevity and vitality.’ Contact: Johnna Devereaux Company: Fetch RI Web Address: