Pet Products & Services Awards 2022 Page 21 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Sometimes, even the most pampered of pooches doesn’t know what’s good for them. Many people have found that expensive pills have been wasted because of conniving canines refusing to swallow them. The team at Medi-Crunch™ have found a bold new path forward. We take a closer look at the firm, following their success in LUXlife’s Pet Products and Services Awards 2022. Medi-Crunch™ Most Innovative Dog Medication Delivery Solution 2022: MediCrunch™ May22355 The most successful products are those which solve problems, and for pet owners, the challenge of giving medication is one which is universal. For Rob Puma, forcing his pet to do something they didn’t want to do was heartbreaking. Whilst essential, he knew there had to be a better way. Through his current position as President of Medi-Crunch™, he’s been able to make that better way available to people around the world. At the core of Medi-Crunch™ is a desire to improve the relationship between you and your pet. Working with pet owners, veterinarians and distributors, they’ve developed a product with a crunchy exterior and soft interior. Whilst the competition use variations on Pill Pockets or pastes, the soft peanut butter centre of Medi-Crunch™ ensures the vital pill stays with the treat, securing a 95% success rate in independent tests. Gone are the days of discovering medicine in the corner of the house, replaced by a sense of calm and satisfaction at a job easily and painlessly completed. Medi-Crunch™ offers a clean, easy solution to a perennial problem, using human-grade ingredients to guarantee the highest possible quality at all times. Many other chews on the market have messy smells and greasy after-effects, allowing Medi-Crunch™ to stand apart. Throughout the development process, the team have focused in on what would make life easier for pet owners and their pets. It’s little wonder that such careful consideration has brought about such exceptional results. Of course, a high quality solution demands a little extra money, but the team have made sure that their product justifies the expense. The use of high-grade ingredients is just one of the reasons why their product costs a little more, but is also why so many trust the team to deliver truly stunning options. 2022 will see the team expand their operations even further to secure a better deal for their customers. The high quality solutions that they have developed shouldn’t be limited to those who can afford it, and the business is one which has the potential to thrive all over the world. The success of Medi-Crunch™ has brought about many recommendations from internationally, with customers singing the praises of the team. “When nothing else worked ...this did!”, “Gamechanger for daily meds” and “Whoever designed these is a genius!!” being just some of the reviews received. For those readers of LUXlife who want to give this incredible product a try, head to the team’s website and use the code “luxlife10” for 10% off your first order! Medication can literally be a bitter pill, but the team at Medi-Crunch™ have gone above and beyond to ensure that their product softens the blow. The best products are developed by those with a passion, and no one knows passion quite like the team at Medi-Crunch™. We celebrate their tremendous success and look forward to the scope of their operations increasing even further. Company: Medi-Crunch™ Name: Rob Puma Email: [email protected] Web Address: