Pet Products & Services Awards 2022 Page 23 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services When Anna Brusby-Glover got her first dog, she couldn’t find a groomer who could meet her high standards, so she decided to go into business herself. Cockapoo and Friends has become renowned for its impressive quality, offering impressive attention to detail to every dog that comes through the door. Having achieved such stunning results in the Pet Products and Services Awards 2022, we decided it was the right time to uncover the secrets of how Anna keeps her prize pooches looking perfect. Cockapoo and Friends Best Bespoke Dog Grooming Business 2022 - Cheshire May22100 The grooming process is not one which is created equal. For Anna at Cockapoo and Friends, her aim was to provide a boutique experience that our furry friends won’t fear, but savour. Providing a service which is animalcentric at all times, Anna’s treatments set themselves apart not simply through being a service which makes your pet look its best self, but through transforming the grooming process from something which is loathed into something which is loved. Dogs who come to Cockapoo and Friends are treated differently. The attitude that runs through the heart of the business is one which sees sensitivity and careful handling at the forefront. There is no crating, there are no restraint and there are no shortcuts. What remains, therefore, is a process that animals are trained to love, with the same routine used every time to build up trust and excitement. Anna does all the grooming/styling work herself, ensuring that quality and attention to detail remains consistent no matter what. The high standards she has championed have resulted in her being qualified as an internationally Certified Advanced Professional Groomer. Whilst many groomers struggle with cockapoos and poodle cross-breeds, Anna has specialised in the field, using special techniques honed over the years to guarantee beautiful styling. This commitment to quality means that whilst Anna offers a service that is second to none, she also only takes on clients that match that same high standard. Customers must go through a rigorous application process, guaranteeing an impressive level of exclusivity. Owners must commit to regular grooming intervals, and every dog must be on vet approved flea and worming treatments as well as being fully vaccinated. Not all salons have these checks in place, and the risk of disease and or parasitic transmission is significant indeed. It’s not just the most loving owners who seek out Anna at Cockapoo and Friends, she seeks out those owners who care the most too. The future of this incredible establishment is secure indeed, being fully booked for 2022 before 2021 has even ended. The loyal customers who turn to Cockapoo and Friends do so because they know that the service Anna delivers will be second to none. It’s this promise of quality, this seal of approval that keeps people coming back and booking years in advance. There aren’t many dog groomers that reach the high standards of Anna Brusby-Glover. She puts her pooch pals first and foremost at all times, creating an environment where grooming is a blessing for all. Her specialisation has brought her incredible success as a boutique business offering bespoke treatments. We celebrate her tremendous success and look forward to seeing how she continues to maintain those standards in the weeks and months to come. Company: Cockapoo and Friends Name: Anna Brusby-Glover Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://www.