Pet Products & Services Awards 2022

Page 4 LUX 2022 Pet Products & Services Apr22286 A problem pet can create havoc in the household. If your prize pooch starts to show signs of aggression or anxiety, if they can’t mind their manners and become overexcited at the slightest development, it might be time to turn to an expert. When the team at Night and Day K9 Training get involved with a project, their clients can rest easy knowing that when their animal returns, they will return well trained and lovingly looked after in equal measure. Nestled in the heart of Fort Worth, the Night and Day K9 Training team have quickly earned a reputation for excellence in the field. The core of their success is the knowledge that no two dogs are the same, and this means that their training can’t be either. The unique problems affecting each animal can only be overcome by taking the time to understand the underlying causes of each individual case. All of the programs offered by the team have been carefully constructed so that any dog has the chance to adapt and learn from previous sessions. Since opening their doors, the team at Night and Day K9 Training have been proud to offer a range of different courses to their The best training is thoroughly bespoke, looking at any problems that arise and exploring ways of solving them. Few understand this better than the team behind Night and Day K9 Training, with their impressive track record of success transforming the behaviour of many problematic pets. This success has been justly recognised in the LUXlife Pet Products and Services Awards 2022, but we thought it right to explore precisely how they’ve achieved such success. Night and Day K9 Training Best Dog Training Business 2022 - DFW clients, including Obedience Training, Behavior Modification and Competitive Training. These programs are infinitely variable to meet the infinitely varied lives of the families the team come into contact with. If true luxury is having any choice open to you, this is a team that is committed to delivering a true luxury option that guarantees incredible results. Even the most difficult of dogs can be taught good manners and how to obey instructions, and the Night and Day K9 Training team simply won’t stop until they succeed. The unique nature of everyone’s situation means that the flexibility of Night and Day K9 Training has proven paramount to their success. A host of sophisticated methods and tools are used to find the most effective solution every time. Driving these systems forward are a small team that has proven capable of connecting effectively with dogs from a host of backgrounds. The firm’s two trainers, Meranda and Hunter, have proven over the years not only to have a passion for their work, but an ability to connect with their clients and their clients’ dogs. Meranda, in particular, boasts an impressive repertoire of skills having been training dogs since the age of 15, becoming a certified trainer at the age of 18, shadowing under two service dog trainers and still continuing her education to this day. She is Animal Behavior College Certified, E-collar Certified and Puppy Training Certified, bringing a level of confidence to those who turn to her for help. Hunter has benefitted considerably from this incredible knowledge as he was brought into the business as an apprentice and has been able to thrive under Meranda’s remarkable guidance. It’s important to be able to offering dog training at any age, and to suit a variety of circumstances. For the Night and Day K9 Training team, the job can begin at just seven weeks old. Even at this early stage, it’s important that your puppies understand the value of basic obedience. Through three in-home training sessions, the team have proven they can set high standards for both dogs and owners, ensuring that bad habits don’t form at the start of a relationship. Following their advice almost ensures that you’ll have a well-trained dog for life! Slightly older dogs need the principles of obedience built into how thye live, with the Night and Day K9 Training team teaching foundational manners and assisting with minor issues such as nipping, jumping and potty training. As the dog gets older and more experienced, the team reduce their dependency of treats. With two courses on offer, namely Basic Obedience and Advanced Obedience, you will find new and effective ways of bonding with your pets in the long run. Your pet won’t simply do their