Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

Pet Products & Services Awards 2024 | 11 started out, they really had no idea how to market their products, which business model to follow, or even who their ideal customer was. To remedy this, members of the team were required to keep up with the speed at which the business moved, something that still rings true to this day. As Birk tells us, “everyone does everything, ideas are implemented the next day, and we are not afraid to take risks.” Now, more than five years removed from the business beginning its journey, it is firmly aware of what it is, who and how it can help, and which strategies can guide it towards success. In essence then, what So Posh is can be described in four simple words. A customer’s best choice. Only through So Posh can owners and professional groomers alike achieve outcomes that are of competition standard, all whilst spending up to 50% less time on average grooming and attaining results that will last for weeks. Even with its shampoos providing a squeaky clean and colourpopping coat first time and its conditioners significantly reducing brushing time and eradicating the need for any serums or sprays, So Posh has gone one step further by making professional dog cosmetics that are tailored to specific coat types. From the double coat of a cocker spaniel through to the puffy coat of a bichon frisé, these products allow owners to get the sort of results they have always dreamed about for their dog, without all of the hassle and complicated research. Constant innovation has proven to be integral in So Posh achieving these remarkable feats, with it positioning itself as an industry frontrunner in the process. Another vital element in So Posh fortifying its empire of high-quality pet products has been its motto, the belief that a business needs older people to say what to do and younger people to say how is best to do it. Thanks to the ambitious and technology-savvy young innovators comprising the business’ leadership, it is able to pioneer new and exciting means to disrupt tired industry norms. Of course, like anything worth doing, this has not always been easy. As businesses around the world can attest, building a business is incredibly difficult, particularly when that business makes its own products and distributes them across more than 30 countries worldwide. Across its journey so far, So Posh has had to deal with and overcome a lot, from the pandemic and subsequent supply chain issues through to the cost of its ingredients having nearly tripled over the past five years or so. However, as Birk explains it, “we are fuelled by the sincere gratitude we get from our customers and solve our problems with boring hard work and the belief that there is a solution to every problem.” It is this mindset that has positioned So Posh for continuous growth in 2024, with the business having reached a pivotal milestone in that its products are now recognised and sought after globally, something that Birk believes stands as a testament to the power of glowing word-of-mouth testimonials by loyal customers. As innovative pet care product distributors from around the world compete to add its products to their portfolios, So Posh has decided to temporarily put a pin in its marketing efforts on the back of the tremendous success that they have yielded. With its focus now squarely on scaling its production and further streamlining its procedures, the coming months are set to be a tough and yet rewarding time for this dedicated team of pet cosmetic revolutionaries. Once these aims are achieved, there are then plans for an exciting line of cat products… Leveraging an unrivalled portfolio of high-quality pet products and professional dog cosmetics from shampoos and conditioners right through to grooming equipment, So Posh Ltd. is the premium, science-driven choice for any and all dog grooming needs. Contact: Birk Sepp Company: So Posh Ltd. Web Address: