Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

12 | LUXlife Magazine n the heart of the Cumbrian countryside, where Wendy Anderson has lived all her life, she and her family share their love for dogs with prospective puppy owners from across the UK, providing them with beautiful cocker spaniels and labradors that instantly become part of the family. Having grown up encompassed by green fields, acres of woodland, and calm, flowing rivers, it is no surprise that Wendy grew up with an innate love for dogs, with this stemming from the holidays she would spend on her grandparents’ farm in the beautiful Cumbrian village of Bewcastle. Wendy fondly recalls that some of her happiest moments were when her grandfather would introduce a new collie pup to the farm, and Wendy could often be found outside playing with the dogs and cuddling the lambs. These cherished memories are some of the earliest memories that Wendy has of her life at home, and she could not be happier that they are forever intertwined with dogs and other such animals. Another big influence in Wendy’s life was her late mother, Hazel, who reared orphaned and abandoned animals for as long as Wendy could remember. At 18 years old, Wendy then bought her first dog, and has not looked back ever since. This one purchase altered the course of Wendy and her family’s lives forever, and they now own and operate a five-star, fully licenced, and qualified breeder with a merited reputation for excellence. All of the puppies bred by Sykehead Cocker Spaniels and Labradors are done so from parents that are healthy, registered to the Kennel Club, and have been tested comprehensively on everything from eyes and joints through to temperament and hereditary conditions. Currently, Sykehead has five boys, labradors Monty, Rogan, and Dennis, and cockers Gus and Rolo. Whilst this group of males are all incredibly diverse when it comes to colour and size, they share perfect health records and wonderful temperaments that are a credit to both Wendy and co. and themselves. Alongside these boys are ten girls, labradors Dora, Twix, Evie, Tweed, Bonnie, and Lucy, and cockers, Plum, Esmay, Tweed, and Tinker. Similarly, these varied girls are all happy, healthy, and a true credit to Sykehead. With almost 25 years of practical breeding experience at its disposal, Sykehead Cocker Spaniels and Labradors is well-versed in the intricacies of breeding, something that is only aided by the wealth of qualifications possessed by its family team. Most of all though, what distinguishes Sykehead is the true love and relentless passion that is radiated throughout. As Wendy tells us, “I am very proud to own and work at Sykehead Cocker Spaniels and Labradors, knowing we are up there with some of the best breeders in the country.” Best Dog Breeder 2024 - Cumbria Family-run dog breeding business Sykehead Cocker Spaniels and Labradors consists of Steven and Wendy Anderson along with their three children. This family are all equally passionate about dogs and pride themselves on breeding some of the happiest and healthiest cocker spaniels and labradors in the UK. One of incredibly few breeders throughout the country in possession of Ofqual’s Level 3 Certificate in Dog Breeding, Puppy Socialising, and Welfare - this breeder is being recognised here for both its caring approach and remarkable dogs that become loving members of any household. This is a sentiment that is clearly reflected by its customer base, as at the time of writing, the business currently has 66 five-star reviews on Facebook and a further 25 five-star reviews on Google, giving it a perfect average of 5.0 across both of these sites. Such wonderful feedback does not end there, and there are some glowing testimonials from members of this community that corroborate Sykehead Cocker Spaniels and Labradors’ distinction in this space. Wendy shares with us some of her favourites below. Sam Morris of Cumberland Council said of the business: “Sykehead is a long-established dog breeding business which has maintained a fivestar rated licence certificate for many years with Cumberland Council and the former Carlisle City Council. Cumberland Council works with all licensed breeders to support and encourage the operators to reach the higher welfare standards and attain that five-star rating where possible - because the welfare of the animals is paramount in these activities. “Sykehead has attained a Level 3 qualification, which is a higher welfare standard to progress its professional development and knowledge in the field, but not only that – also to educate buyers of a higher standard of pet ownership going forwards. With consistent effort, transparent record keeping, and a good working relationship built with the licensing officers I