Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

14 | LUXlife Magazine Best Online Animal Health Resource 2024 Provet Limited is the one-stop hub for veterinary knowledge. As it grows, the site contains more and more advice for pet owners to keep up to date from the home on their pets’ nutrition, health concerns, and general care advice. The mission is free information for all, written and reviewed by veterinary and pet care professionals. Managing Director Mike Davies is simply not satisfied with the animal health information available online. He feels the need to fill the void with useful, scientifically backed advice and create a website with accessible, accurate knowledge to benefit anyone who needs it, including entries on diseases, feeding tips, parasite control, and a wealth of other helpful topics. Staying educated is key to keeping a healthy pet, and Provet is there to keep the public in the loop. Mike Davies is an experienced veterinary surgeon, having graduated from the Royal Veterinary College of the University of London and worked for 11 years in his own private practice. Between this, postgraduate qualifications in veterinary radiology, small animal orthopaedics, and small animal clinical nutrition, he is a well-informed expert on animal health. Having authored several books and multiple scientific papers, including one of the first on geriatric veterinary medicine, Mike is keen to spread veterinary knowledge to the masses, leveraging his expertise to help as many pet owners as possible. Owing to a deep commitment to its cause, Provet offers its services almost entirely for free. But it is not just free monetarily; it is also free from advertising content and clutter, streamlining the process for viewers by not placing a barrier between animal carers and the vital information they need. Provet is also proud to offer educational programmes and a certificate exam in clinical nutrition for veterinarians and veterinary nurses. The company also looks forward to releasing nutrition courses for pet owners during 2024, covering all bases informing the public and animal health professionals alike. “We would like to thank your readers/staff for nominating us for this award in recognition of all the hard work we have put in to making www.provet. a reliable source of evidence-based pet healthcare information.” Provet is dedicated to continually improving its service, and it knows it owes this to its users. The team is constantly reviewing scientific literature to create new, useful content, and it is always looking for suggestions from visitors. Provet ensures that content is current, relevant, and that it serves the public as best it can. With recent redevelopment efforts, the site is being updated with a steady stream of new content, on top of social media links and increased exposure. Mike and the team are excited to bring as much free content to the public as they can and promote top-notch animal care. Over 2024, Provet intends to charge for some of its services which it will roll out over the course of the year. These include a case review service for pet owners seeking an independent veterinary opinion, and dog and cat nutrition courses both online and across the UK. The team is mindful of the need to support the business, offering as much as they can for free, but is committed to providing the best return on a customer’s investment for pay to use services. Provet Limited is run with an important mission: to promote animals’ health and keep their owners informed. If a visitor needs information that is unavailable, the team will find, review, and provide it for them. Crucially, Provet will only endorse pet health products with a record of scientific evidence, believing in the best accessible, thorough experience it can provide. Contact: Mike Davies Company: Provet Limited Contact Number: 07930 569948 Email: [email protected] Web Address: