Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

Pet Products & Services Awards 2024 | 15 It is essential for all dogs to have a balanced diet, including vitamins and minerals that may not be found in their regular food. With as many as eight out of ten older dogs suffering from arthritis, collagen is an essential addition to any dog’s daily diet. Pawable (Collagen for Dogs Ltd.), the innovator behind the UK’s first ever collagen for dogs, has developed a unique formula to ensure that dogs stay active and healthy throughout their lives. Dog Joint Supplement Company of the Year 2024 - UK Pawable As awareness of the risks of rawhide products grows, more collagen products have become available on the market. The latest product is collagen chews that appear softer than rawhide, but still require supervision to ensure larger pieces do not cause choking. Compared to the small amount of collagen that these chews offer, Pawable's true collagen supplement extracts collagen directly from the source. Through a process that predigests the raw material using enzymes, Pawable has created a fine power that can be easily digested and absorbed. A prime example of Pawable’s remarkable effects is Mr Eric, a Miniature Schnauzer from Lincoln who enjoys fetching pup cakes from his favourite café and attempting canine agility. Last year, the ten-year-old pup began losing his fur and his skin developed a leathery texture. His owner Helen quickly scheduled Mr Eric a visit to the vet, but his test results came back clear. As the fur on her dog’s head and back continued to shed, Helen began researching natural solutions. After listening to Anna Webb’s ‘A Dog’s Life’ podcast, Helen discovered the benefits of collagen for dogs, particularly for their joints, skin, and coat. Containing all the important collagen types, Pawable was the perfect solution for Mr Eric’s troubling skin condition. Helen shares, “The fur regrowth was incredible, and he wasn't picking and scratching anymore. He is completely back to normal, and I can tell that he is enjoying life much more again. Mr Eric is obviously very pleased with the results and is enjoying his adventures again.” Most recently, Pawable has updated its packaging to be fully recyclable in an effort to minimise its environmental impact. The company has become renowned for its early innovation and remains the only brand to offer multiple collagen sources. Recognised in this year’s Pet Products and Services Awards, Pawable provides a unique blend of collagen clinically proven to improve mobility and comfort for dogs of any age. For its unwavering commitment to canine health, we have bestowed on Pawable (Collagen For Dogs Ltd.) our award for Dog Joint Supplement Company of the Year 2024 – UK. Contact: Neil Durrant Company: Pawable (Collagen For Dogs Ltd.) Web Address: awable is a British dog joint supplement company dedicated to helping dog owners discover the numerous benefits of supplementing their dogs’ diets with collagen proteins. Pawable’s formula consists of a unique blend of natural collagens especially for dogs. Although collagen is a lesser known ingredient, it has been clinically proven to not only support dogs’ joints but also their digestion, bones, skin, and coat. Pawable offers a thorough mixture of crucial collagens including Egg Collagen, Cartilage Matrix Collagen, and Collagen Types I, II, III, V, and X. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein and the primary building block of the skin, bones, cartilage, tendons, and blood vessels. As time passes for dogs, collagen production begins to slow, reducing connective tissue and impacting their joint health. This can lead to dogs being more prone to injuries and various skin, muscle, and bone conditions. With around 80% of older dogs suffering from the pain of arthritis, administrating Pawable is an effective way of rebuilding dogs’ collagen levels and improving vitality. Studies on both humans and dogs have revealed that collagen is one of the best natural joint supplements. Several reputable scientific journals, such as the Journal of Animal Studies, have published studies supporting the daily treatment of arthritic dogs with collagen to reduce their painful symptoms. Based on exceptional customer feedback, Pawable believes that future studies will reveal increasing efficacy over longer periods of time and support the use of collagen as a natural alternative to protect dogs’ joints and reduce inflammation. The company offers a 90-day money back guarantee, allowing returns even if customers return an empty pack. Sue. S., a satisfied customer, says, “My Duke is 14 years old and was starting to get a little stiff in his back legs. Since I started him on this supplement, I have seen a very marked improvement in his mobility. He is always ready for his walks and seems to have more of a spring in his step! I highly recommend the Collagen.” P