Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

16 | LUXlife Magazine ince 2017, Petrebels has devoted itself to enriching the lives of lovable felines with its suite of indispensable, elegant cat trees. Every cat is unique with some preferring to snooze the day away while others wish to climb high and explore the world around them. Regardless, every cat loves a safe space and Petrebels has scratched this itch with comfortable and stable cat trees designed with all personalities in mind. Co-founders Dennis Steenbakkers and Detlef Windeln possess many years of experience in the pet sector and have used their extensive expertise to become a disruptor in innovation. Specialising in the development of modern and high-quality cat furniture, Petrebels has become renowned for its exceptional level of service, high employee and customer satisfaction, and the safe supply of spare parts. At Petrebels, the customer is key with its magnificent cat trees designed to seamlessly integrate into their interior and living environments. Cats reside at the heart of Petrebels with the company dedicated to designing exceptional cat furniture that offers a paradise for cats while being a statement piece in any home. With its array of unique designs, Petrebels is a trendsetter in the industry offering modern creations with oodles of character to boot. Its elegant cat furniture uses only the highest quality materials to create spacious shelves, robust scratching posts, and huge hammocks for cats to explore, play, and relax. “At Petrebels, cats are king!” Based in Schijndel, the Netherlands, Petrebels employs beautiful Dutch design that is entirely focused on cats’ overall health and wellbeing. Safety is a hallmark of its creations with heavy baseplates and thick posts included for optimal stability. All Petrebels’ cat furniture is free of toxins and harmful materials so that cats can scratch, sleep, and play carefree. Through the use of extra thick sisal and high density plush, Petrebels can guarantee that its cat trees have extra resistance and boast a longer lifespan than competing brands. On the company’s spectacular growth, Dennis Steenbakkers says, “We are now in more than 25 countries worldwide but growing brings many challenges. There is more pressure on our team, services, and warehouses, and more money to invest. In the end we always survive because we truly believe we do good for cats, and we love to work for them.” Most recently, Petrebels has launched its Wall of Rebels, a collection that offers a variety of stylish and functional cat walls and furniture. With everything from luxurious cat shelves to impressive ladders and walkways, the collection offers cats the perfect combination of scratch, play, and comfort while imbuing any home with a touch of contemporary flair. In addition to solid cat furniture, Petrebels has developed its own modern Cat Tree Brand of the Year 2024 - Europe Petrebels is a fun and dynamic company that strives to delight cats worldwide with its impressive collection of cat trees with character. At Petrebels, the team understands that every cat is different, creating exquisite cat furniture for every breed and personality. In the wake of its recent win, we speak to Dennis Steenbakkers, CoOwner of Petrebels, about this passionate pet brand. cat litter, Dirty Rebels, to keep litter boxes fresh for longer. Made from 100% natural material, its cat litter is designed to eliminate unpleasant odours and absorb up to four times its weight in moisture. Later this year, Petrebels will be launching a new brand of cat litter, Dirty Rebels’ revolutionary Natural Wellness. The ultra-compact cat litter is a rare blend of white and grey granules with advanced odour-control technology. Petrebels is proud to present a truly superior pellet that is organic, sustainable, and completely cat-friendly with harmless essential oils integrated within. Over the coming year, Petrebels will also release Natural Stars, a brandnew line of cat furniture with a noble and natural look. Designed with exquisite eucalyptus wood and extra soft plush, the collection is truly breathtaking and an ideal gift for any fabulous cat owner. The new line perfectly complements Petrebels’ Wall of Rebels series, providing customers with numerous fantastic combinations. Petrebels has earned a sterling reputation among customers and their feline companions for its dedication to modern design, durability, and creative innovation. Specialising in the development of safe and striking cat trees, Petrebels is an industry trendsetter, devoted to enriching the lives of cats and their owners. In the prestigious Pet Products and Services Awards, Petrebels has been honoured as Cat Tree Brand of the Year 2024 – Europe for its boundless creativity and dedication to all things feline. Contact Details Contact: Dennis Steenbakkers Company: Petrebels Web Address: S