Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

Pet Products & Services Awards 2024 17 Luxury Cat Hotel of the Year 2024 South West England Being apart from our favourite felines is arguably one of the worst experiences for any cat owner, but there are those who are wholly committed to making this far more bearable. For the pet parents of Cornwall, no cat hotel exemplifies this quite like Kernow Cat Hotel. Characterised by its intimacy and attentive nature, Kernow Cat Hotel invites its four-legged guests to spend their holiday in a little home away from home – including undivided attention, watertight security, and gourmet food that promises to satisfy both their hearts and their bellies. Below, we explore how Kernow Cat Hotel has become the top pick for holiday-bound feline fanatics, and how its services reflect an unapologetic love for the region’s beloved furry friends. Comprised of twelve luxurious rooms reserved for the felines of folks who simply hate to part with their pets when travelling away, Kernow Cat Hotel stands as Cornwall’s most compassionate cat hotel thus far. Noted as the largest suites the region has to offer, the hotel’s rooms present cats with ample opportunities to spend anywhere between days and weeks living in the lap of luxury. Between its solid walls, individual thermostatically controlled heaters, and state-of-the-art surveillance systems, Kernow Cat Hotel promises the utmost care and protection from the moment your feline crosses the threshold. Despite being run exclusively by cat enthusiast Ruth Lewis, Kernow Cat Hotel has been specifically designed to offer an outstanding level of personalised pampering. By limiting the amount of rooms available, and instead focusing on maximising space over quantity, Ruth can confidently give each guest an abundance of attention while their family is away. To Ruth, the wellness and happiness of the cats in her care is her top priority, and she goes above and beyond to reflect this very notion each and every day. Partner this with the genuine care and concern that she has for her guest’s owners, and you’ve got an exemplary cat hotel whose excellence simply can’t be overstated. Of course, though you know your feline friends are in the best possible hands, there’s no way of preventing the ever pressing need to see how they’re getting on. Understanding this to the highest possible degree, Ruth is prepared to send photos and videos to her clients via WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, or email – a service that is always appreciated by any owners who may still have concerns about their cat’s time away. Upon receiving these photos, pet parents will see their cats chowing down on gourmet meat and fish – carefully selected so as to not upset even the most sensitive of tummies – partaking in any festivities that may be taking place at the time, or lounging with Ruth after a long day of high-quality relaxation. As Ruth puts it – “I spend lots of quality time with our guests to build a relationship with them and help them enjoy their stay. They get cuddles, play time, brushing, and just general company. My lead is always taken from the cats – if they want cuddles I am delighted to give them. If they are shy or uncertain to start with, then I just sit in the room with them and allow them to come to me, as and when they want to. My emphasis is on the well-being of my guests and also on the well-being and reassurance of their owners.” Kernow Cat Hotel is quite clearly a point of indulgent luxury for any type of guest - be they confident, timid, adventurous, or sleepy – and it’s this nature that truly distinguishes it from the competition. Whether you’re a cat parent with incredibly high standards, or a pet owner looking for a cosy place to house your feline during your time away, Kernow Cat Hotel promises to make each stay as wonderful as possible. From offering chauffer services to remove the stress of transport from cats and humans alike, to presenting a premises that has been tailor made to exceed any cat’s standards, Ruth Lewis has certainly made her mark on the cattery realm. As such, we’re pleased to feature Kernow Cat Hotel in this year’s Pet Products and Services Awards, and we look forward to seeing which lucky felines pop up on its social media pages in the coming months. Contact: Ruth Lewis Company: Kernow Cat Hotel Web Address: