Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

Pet Products & Services Awards 2024 | 19 Von Waldberg Kennels is uniquely committed to its dogs. Whether they are puppies born on site or dogs of any breed staying or training at Von Waldberg Kennels, every dog within its walls receives the same exceptional quality of care. Over its 50-year legacy, Von Waldberg Kennels has fostered a reputation of excellence, breeding exceptional West German Show Line German Shepherds and delivering first-class boarding and training, and it continues to thrive today. Best GSD Breeders & Kennels 2024 – Northwest USA a full battery of health and safety information so that their new owners have a complete picture of the newest addition to the family. A cornerstone of the company’s mission is keeping its staff up to date with the latest breeding information. Staff are so well-informed they sometimes deliver advice themselves as event speakers. Through conferences, regular training sessions, and seminars, they’re kept abreast of advanced technology and cutting-edge tools for genetic analysis with the goal of constantly improving the breed. Von Waldberg Kennels understands that each dog is unique, and this personalised service is reflected in every one of the services offered. In the Pacific Northwest’s largest indoor training facility professional trainers and behaviour specialists work hand in hand with the owner to determine which combination of equipment and style will work for each and every dog to deliver the ideal results. For obedience and puppy training, trainers offer a complimentary 30-minute evaluation, allowing potential clients the opportunity to interview the staff and view the facility to decide if Von Waldberg Kennels is the right fit. In cases of behaviour modification, the trainers will meet with the client one-on-one to do an assessment of the dog’s history, health and current training to determine the best path forward, whether it be private sessions or a comprehensive board and train. The trainers at Von Waldberg Kennels are comfortable working with all breeds, sizes and behaviours, but are also open to referring to specialists if that is best for the dog. In addition to obedience and behaviour modification, Von Waldberg Kennels offers dog sports including Agility and Nose Work taught by champion trainers in their fields. Von Waldberg Kennels understands the importance of keeping training productive and fun for the dogs and clients. Contact: Bryan Kiefer Company: Von Waldberg Kennels Web Address: on Waldberg Kennels provides a wide range of services from German Shepherd breeding to training and boarding dogs of all kinds. Between a 9-acre property, highly educated and compassionate staff, and thorough health resources on standby, it’s hard to imagine a greater standard of canine care. Each one of its individual services stands at the forefront of their markets serving as a role-model to others in the industry. To consistently provide exceptional service, staff are continuously trained on best practices in dog health and welfare. To streamline service delivery and customer care, Von Waldberg Kennels uses an app-based communication system to keep in touch with clients. Appointment bookings, sending information and pictures of the dogs in its care is made straightforward, meaning that clients are always kept in the loop, receiving real-time updates about their dog’s health and happiness and all staff are aware of all communications. Trainers pursue continuing education to stay current with training and behaviour modification practices. Throughout the United States and Canada, Von Waldberg Kennels serves a broad range of clients, treating out-of-town and local customers with the same level of exceptional care. Providing only the highest quality German Shepherd puppies, it holds itself to high standards of breeding excellence, which carries over to its dog boarding and training services. For a comprehensive kennel service which truly understands dogs and their needs, look no further than Von Waldberg Kennels. Over the span of half a century importing dogs from Germany, Von Waldberg Kennels has maintained unparalleled access to the most highly titled and high-quality dogs. From the very beginning of a dog’s life, staff are dedicated to its proper training, socialisation, and excellent health to uphold the kennels’ standards of canine excellence. At Von Waldberg Kennels, West German Show Line German Shepherds are sent home with their new owners with a pledge of lifelong support for training and boarding services. The team is always pleased to see the progress of one of its world-class German Shepherds and invites owners to make use of these services whenever necessary. On top of always being welcome at the kennel for additional care, all puppies go home with V