Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

20 | LUXlife Magazine ynke van Holten’s passion for cats turned into a passion for photography. Taking pictures of her own cats introduced Nynke to this dormant interest, and Cat’chy Images was born from the marriage between this new and enduring love. Today, she takes professional pet photoshoots for private individuals and breeders from cats and dogs, but expands her models way beyond the typical pets to farm and exotic animals. Nynke has a keen eye to frame the beauty in every pet. Nynke’s work doesn’t stop there, however. She regularly photographs international cat shows and takes commissioned work from around the globe. Among Nynke’s lineup are a few birthday calendars and the her work can be found on pet product packaging all around the world. She produces a line of greetings cards in collaboration with Greetz, one of the Netherlands’ biggest online greeting card companies. At Cat’chy Images, the work is all about going by its own style. Nynke doesn’t believe in following trends, instead forging her own path, and creating her own aesthetic. Using largely minimal, simplistic black or white backgrounds, she often includes interesting props, but asserts the belief that every photoshoot should be about the model. Nynke focuses on enhancing an animal’s style through interesting poses and framing. She uses her knack for luring animals into just the right pose, focusing on their gazes, and finding the posture that best fits their individual character. In all its work, Cat’chy Images stands out as a comfortable experience for pets as much as it is a professional one for their owners. Having grown up with cats, and currently living with several, Nynke is a keen observer of animal behaviour and prides herself on having a warm presence which animals respond well to. Best Artistic Pet Photographer 2024 (Netherlands): Nynke van Holten Cat’chy Images comprises a one-person team of Nynke van Holten, the talent behind a stunning collection of pet photography. She provides her services with delicate, professional pet handling to ensure a stressfree photoshoot and capture every pet in their relaxed state. “Working with animals is a constant challenge, but that is exactly what I love about it. I have grown as a photographer as well as in my knowledge on animal behaviour, and I am always keen on learning new things and improving the experience for the model and the owner.” While Nynke largely operates as a one-person team, she is keen to share her knowledge and expertise where possible and build upon or lay the foundation for a budding career. Though she is based in the Netherlands, she offers internships for local and international photography students. Cat’chy Images is steadily growing in popularity thanks to Nynke’s unique style, animal handling expertise, and her aptitude for great customer service elevates the experience of working with her beyond most pet photographers. Her clients’ reviews reflect just that. “Finally, my cat looks like herself in pictures. Love how Cat’chy Images can make even a little nervous cat shine and present itself.” “I met Nynke at a cat show in Belgium and she was so sweet and patient with my cat. I love the pics that came up from this shoot. Her work is amazing.” “Nynke photography, Cat’chy Images. My assignment to her was to put the animals on the plate as true to color, and that was more than successful. Not only a good photographer but also a dedicated rat whisperer. The most stressed animals eat from her hand.” Cat’chy Images is a small company making a large impact. Nynke has truly found her niche in the pet photography world, drawing welldeserved attention and acclaim. Throughout journals, pet owners’ homes, and beyond, her work immortalises the essence of every pet she photographs, making every photoshoot worthy of the little personality it captures. Contact Details Contact: Nynke van Holten Company: Cat’chy Images Web Address: N Credits: Marina Shipova