Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

Pet Products & Services Awards 2024 21 Best Gourmet Dog Treats 2024 - Hawaii A balanced diet is the foundation for health, well-being, optimal growth, and development, according to the World Health Organization. We strive to eat healthily, exercise regularly, and be aware of exactly what goes into our food. So, why should it be any different for our four-legged companions? Snoops Gourmet is a Hawaiian-based business working hard to revolutionise the pet treat industry with its range of nutritious treats. As the company receives its title in the Pet Products and Services Awards 2024, we speak with Company Founder Andrea Palmer to learn more about what exactly goes into her gourmet pet treats. Snoops Gourmet was established in 2020 in honour Andrea’s late companion, a Staffordshire Terrier called Snoop. Following a recall of food products Snoop had been eating, Andrea took him to the vets and began to look into the ingredients of commercial pet food. Horrified, she vowed to find a healthy alternative for her precious pet. Collaborating with her veterinarian, Andrea performed extensive research into nutrition and developed homemade treats for her dog. Andrea aimed to produce treats with minimal ingredients, as if Snoop had hunted the treats himself. Her friends began to ask for the treats and the process snowballed until Andrea was running her own business, Snoops Gourmet. Snoops Gourmet offers a range of healthy protein treats for canine companions, all made with natural ingredients. Many treats are made with only one ingredient, such as the Fish Skin Chews, which are made of dehydrated mahi-mahi skins. Similarly, the Venison Jerky is made from dehydrated, prime cut venison. Dog owners can feel reassured that when buying from Snoops Gourmet they are purchasing only what is written on the label, with no sneaky additions. Snoops Gourmet uses local ingredients in its treats, opting to source local mahi-mahi, axis deer, and beef from the island of Maui. While the market is mostly saturated with freezedried products, Snoops Gourmet dehydrates its products and does not use any additives or preservatives in its manufacturing. The resulting product is human grade treats that last longer than other treats on the market. “With Snoops Gourmet, I strive to be the best in the industry by providing dog treats that are better than just a treat; they are real food, as beneficially healthy as they are delicious and enjoyable. My customers can be confident that they are spoiling their pop with something that they can feel good about,” Andrea tells us. Snoops Gourmet is a small business, ran by family and friends. The company works hard to uplift small businesses within the community, and sources its ingredients from other local vendors on the island. This not only supports the local economy by putting back into the community, but also has its own benefits for Snoops Gourmet. Andrea explains, “Being a small business on an island, it can be challenging at times to get supplies. The best way around this, I found, is to not have everything shipped to me from the mainland. I have worked with other small, local businesses to purchase what I need from them. In turn, it helps another small local business thrive. We all need to work together here.” In 2024, the company looks to expand further by doubling its product line. New items, such as Hearty Chews and the Organ Mix treat bag will be launched. These products will also function as a supplement and provide pets with the vitamins they need. Now, dogs will receive such benefits straight from the source and their owners will not need to purchase additional powders and vitamins to add to their food. Regarding her mission, Andrea tells us, “I started this company for my dog Snoop. You can find a watermark photograph of him on the back label of the products. I’ve always wanted the dogs of the world to be as spoiled and loved as Snoop was. I kept Snoop healthy and strong until his passing at 16 years old, which was made possible with attention and care through his diet. We really can get extra years from our beloved fur babies if we nourish them in the right way. I like to say – feed your pet the way you love your pet.” If you would like to spoil your precious pets, you can find the full range of natural treats on Snoops Gourmet’s website. Contact: Andrea Palmer Company: Snoops Gourmet Web Address: