Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

22 | LUXlife Magazine Most Innovative Pet Behavioral Health Solutions Provider 2024 - USA Founded by esteemed composer Janet Marlow, Pet Acoustics strives to be a leader of the pet industry with a range of innovative offerings designed to enhance pets’ auditory environment. Recognised in this year’s Pet Products and Services Awards, Pet Acoustics is dedicated to transforming pets’ lives with species-specific music proven to calm behavior and improve wellbeing. With a focus on specialised audio technology and research-driven solutions, Pet Acoustics develops innovative audio products that play pet-friendly music. Its smart speakers and sound systems are designed to calm pets, especially during stressful situations such as thunderstorms, fireworks, or separation. Based on scientific animal hearing and behavior research, the proprietary frequency technology has been proven through biometric studies, published in animal health journals, and peer reviewed. Pet Acoustics possesses an in-depth understanding of the specific auditory sensitivities of different species and tailors its smart pet care products to suit the hearing ranges of various animals, including dogs, cats, horses, birds, and rabbits. Customer education is integral to the business and Pet Acoustics strives to educate pet owners on the importance of a proper auditory environment for their pets. This education involves providing information on how sound effects affect animal behavior and how their products can positively impact pets. All products are made of non-toxic materials and designed to be robust and pet friendly. Through continuous testing and innovation, Pet Acoustics aims to make its products wholly accessible to pet parents, veterinarians, and kennel facilities to help pets around the world live happy and stress-free lives. Furthermore, Pet Acoustics is committed to developing eco-friendly pet products by implementing environmentally friendly practices into its manufacturing and business operations. It is the company’s overarching goal to reduce its carbon footprint while consistently providing high-quality products. Unlike generic pet products, Pet Acoustics offers specialised speakers and sound systems to reduce anxiety and have a calming effect on animals without being disruptive to human ears. In addition to smart pet care products, the business designs comprehensive environment solutions that include visual elements to complement its audio products. With its holistic approach to pet health and wellness, Pet Acoustics differentiates itself in the industry by creating multi-sensory therapeutic environments to enhance pets and their caregivers’ quality of life. Janet Marlow, CEO of Pet Acoustics and Sound Behaviorist, says, “Pet Acoustics innovates by considering the overall needs of pets. This philosophy promotes a more comprehensive view of pet care that extends beyond basic needs to include emotional and psychological well-being. As an industry leader, Pet Acoustics doesn’t just sell products, it also educates the market. The company provides valuable resources and educational materials to pet owners, helping them understand the impact of sound environments on animal behavior. This role as an educator not only enhances customer engagement but also raises awareness about new standards of pet care, influencing consumer expectations and industry norms.” Like any innovator in the pet care industry, Pet Acoustics has faced a range of challenges on its path to success, from educating the market to product development and research. To meet the challenges of educating pet owners, Pet Acoustics has invested heavily in educational campaigns through webinars and partnerships with veterinarians to spread information. The company is committed to offering its customers science-based content that explains its products’ benefits in an accessible manner. Developing innovative products that meet the unique auditory needs of different species can be challenging in an over-saturated market. Extensive research and testing can be expensive and time-consuming while ensuring products are safe and effective only makes the development stage more complex. By working in collaboration with animal behaviorists, veterinarians, and acoustic scientists, Pet Acoustics can continually innovate and refine its leading-edge products. Through crosssector collaboration, the company can ensure its pet sound therapy is supported by the latest research and meets rigorous safety standards. Over the coming year, Pet Acoustics plans to enhance its products by integrating smart technology, which will enable pet owners to take more control over sound environments. Furthermore, the company will continue to invest in research and development by establishing partnerships with academic institutions and research centres to study pets’ auditory responses more deeply. Pet Acoustics also has plans to expand into new geographic areas and deliver more comprehensive educational campaigns to reach and educate more diverse consumer bases. Through these upcoming plans, Pet Acoustics aims to position itself as a leader in the pet care industry while remaining steadfast in its mission to innovate and address the needs of pets and their owners worldwide. Spearheaded by Janet Marlow, a pioneer in pet health and wellness, the company strives to create harmonious environments where pets can live happy and fulfilling lives. For its transformative sound solutions, Pet Acoustics has been honoured with this year’s award for Most Innovative Pet Behavioral Health Solutions Provider – USA. Contact: Janet Marlow (Founder and CEO) Company: Pet Acoustics Inc. Web Address: