Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

Pet Products & Services Awards 2024 | 23 Noochy Poochy is a company with a dual purpose: to provide dogs all the nutrition they need and to do so by producing an ethical, sustainable product. Run by veterinary professionals and pet nutritionists, the company is founded on expertise, education, and the highest standards of empathy. Vegan Pet Food Company of the Year 2024 – UK as well, and sometimes even better, than those which consume meat products. Lucy believes that with time and education, the public will come around to sustainable, natural dog foods with minimal environmental impact and ethical production. Noochy Poochy is a favourite among the owners who have introduced it into their dog’s diet, and the team is eager to spread the message of sustainable dog food. In the near future, the company aims to use its social media platforms to challenge the stigma around vegan dog foods and share advice on how to include fresh veggies for dogs into their routines. Lucy is keen to encourage owners to treat their dogs to fresh vegetables, especially if they are overweight, as an alternative to shopbought treats. Noochy Poochy is a forward-thinking company, looking to a future of top-notch animal care, and one in which natural dog foods are commonplace. Between the empathy, nutritional expertise, and years of dedicated animal care behind it, the company will no doubt challenge stereotypes, change canine lives, and continue to make waves in the dog food market. Contact: Lucy McKinna Company: Noochy Poochy Web Address: reating a vegan dog food is a meticulous science, and one the Noochy Poochy team approaches with great care. The company prioritises every essential nutrient like l-carnitine, taurine, and methionine to produce a responsibly sourced soybean-based dog food. The team feels that it is important not just to make the product healthy, but to create one that they would happily taste themselves! Owner Lucy McKinna has in many ways dedicated her life to animals. Having grown up fascinated by them, she went on to study for a veterinary science degree in Melbourne, Australia and practiced as a small animal veterinary surgeon for 17 years. She now has a family of four adopted dogs and five cats from the streets of Oman, where she worked for seven years. Animal care is a speciality for Lucy in both her private and professional lives, and her empathy is as steadfast as her credentials. Noochy Poochy extends this care to customers, offering a dog food subscription with up to 12-week intervals between deliveries and no minimum contract time. “We want to make it easy for people to choose Noochy and not feel locked into certain intervals – as a founder with ADHD who leaves things until the last moment, it was important to me that people are able to switch it up right up until the moment their renewal subscription is due.” Noochy Poochy’s mission to meet the nutritional needs of dogs sustainably and with care takes innovation, which shines through in its key ingredient, yeast, which is even referred to in the name. The “Nooch” refers to nutritional yeast, considered a superfood for humans, which contains plenty of protein, zinc, and selenium. Not only has a published study declared yeast beneficial for dogs; it also adds a cheesy taste to Noochy Poochy’s recipes. According to some owners who have sampled their natural dog food, it tastes a little like Bolognese or pizza. Creating a vegan and sustainable dog food does not go without its share of controversy. There is of course a widely held belief that dogs require meat in their diet. In response to this, Lucy refers to 13 recent published studies which conclude that dogs with a plant-based diet thrive just C