Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

24 | LUXlife Magazine oyal Pets Hotel has been in operation for over four decades and has allowed thousands of families to take comfort that their pets are in safe hands whilst they are away. The wellbeing of each furbaby is always at the forefront of the hotel’s decisions. Royal Pets Hotel recognises that often, pets are viewed as an extension of the family and must be treated as such. The hotel promises that employees will treat your pet as if they were a member of their own family. This comes naturally to an animal lover, which is a term that can be used to describe the team at Royal Pets Hotel. Most employees are former customers of the hotel and have joined the hotel after witnessing the passion for animals displayed by the team. Royal Pets Hotel’s superior level of care and competence, resulting in the GM, managers, and hand on providers being professionally certified by the Professional Animal Care Certification Council (PACCC), is one of its defining qualities. Regardless of experience, each employee undergoes extensive thirdparty training in pet care and behaviour, certified in pet CPR and first aid while being led by experienced veterinary technicians to ensure that the highest quality of care is being provided. This level of expertise allows its team to provide outstanding care to all stages of life and even those requiring ongoing treatments while under its care. As the first and only facility in Ontario with an entire management team of staff certified at all levels of PACCC, Royal Pets Hotel is truly one of a kind. The hotel is split into two smaller boarding facilities for canines and felines. Both facilities provide luxury accommodation and care to the guests, of which the hotel equates to a ‘people standard’. The feline accommodation is set in an entirely separate building to the canine accommodation to ensure that each guest’s time with Royal Pets Hotel is completely risk-free. Clients can choose from a variety of activities to keep their pets entertained. Dogs can have individual playtime with a staff member or a playdate with other dogs, depending on their temperaments, as well Best Luxury Pet Boarding Facility 2024 – Ontario Founded in 1982, Royal Pets Hotel is a luxury pet hotel based in Barrie, Ontario. The hotel boards pets in complete comfort whilst their owners are away on vacations. As the hotel receives its title in the Pet Products and Services Awards 2024, we take a look at the hardworking team that have dedicated themselves to pampering your pet for the duration of their stay. as daily leashed walks through the woodland. Additionally, dogs will receive homemade treats, bathing and grooming services, all rounded off by a bedtime story accompanied by a cuddle from the staff. Clients can rest assured that their beloved canine companions are receiving the utmost care while away. Feline guests are also pampered during their stay. Unlike typical cat boarding facilities, Royal Pets Hotel does not use cages to house the cats. Instead, cats are provided with a spacious setting, reminiscent of their homes, with a lush garden full of colourful birds to watch. Each cat room has a secure outside porch, accessible only to the guest. Throughout the day, employees encourage the cats to explore the hotel and gardens and engage in their natural curiosity. An online review of the hotel from Niki reads, “We love Royal Pets Hotel. My dog, Molly, attends the doggie daycare and loves it. The staff are fantastic, and my puppy always comes home happy and tired. Their enhanced play daycare is wonderful for keeping dogs engaged and interested.” Miranda writes, “This is the best boarding facility we’ve ever found. Our animals always come home in better shape than when we dropped them off. They are happy and loved there, with the best care. We’ve been boarding our beloved animals here since the early 1990s!” The reviews listed are only a fraction of the glowing recommendations from past and current clients, a testament to the exemplary care provided by Royal Pets Hotel. If you would like to learn more about the luxury services on offer, we highly recommend visiting Royal Pets Hotel’s website today. Company: Royal Pets, Hotel and Enrichment Web Address: R