Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

26 | LUXlife Magazine Best Raw Natural Pet Food Company 2024 - South Africa PaleoPet Pure knows that raw food is best for pets, and so offers a complete solution that is as inoffensive, readily available, and as convenient as possible for owners. Offering biologically appropriate raw food for pets that exceeds all nutritional standards, PaleoPet Pure’s meals are safe, sightly, and lack that horrible raw food smell that many pet owners are concerned about. Stocked in pet stores, select grocery stores, and available online throughout South Africa, we catch up with PaleoPet Pure’s Managing Director Isis Limor to learn more about this fantastic brand. Every item in PaleoPet Pure’s portfolio of raw food for pets is made with only the highest quality ingredients, such as free-range poultry sourced from certified farms. This ensures that its foods are free from the antibiotics and growth promoters that are often found in abundance in meat of lesser quality. Furthermore, all of the company’s meat suppliers are also responsible for stocking many of the country’s premium grocery stores, which underpins the ongoing commitment to quality that permeates throughout the business and its suppliers. Another distinguishing feature of the company is that it adds a healthy dose of Omega-3 to all of its complete meals; sourced from microscopic phytoplankton that is sustainably farmed in purified fresh water to guarantee its safety and quality. Factors like this contribute to the company being South Africa’s only raw pet food manufacturer to have a Food Safety Assessment audit. PaleoPet Pure disrupts the norm of marketing cat food as dog food and vice-vera, ensuring that the unique requirements of both animals are met through its specific products. Regardless of the animal, this homemadestyle, human grade raw pet food is available in three sizes, packaged in reusable and recyclable tubs to make storage a breeze. The company also operates its own reuse and recycle programme, whereby it will take back used tubs to help manage both the amount of plastic it uses and contribute positively to the preservation of the wider environment. Caring for our planet is more than just a trend that PaleoPet Pure is jumping on – in fact, it does not believe in trends at all, and instead prioritises things with staying power. This philosophy dictates its approach to raw food, which despite having gathered steam as a ‘trend’ about five years ago, is not simply a flavour of month for this company. As Founder and MD Isis Limor explains, “raw food can fix many issues including weight problems, food-based allergies, and digestive upsets, and helps manage many other conditions more effectively.” Research is something that PaleoPet Pure carries out constantly, as this allows it to innovate based on what its customers need and identify some of the areas that are not already addressed by its food, of which there are few. Despite scientifically proven benefits of feeding raw food, the oversaturation of the market has played a huge part in many vets uninitiated to these perks raising their concerns. Some of these are certainly justified, as there are many raw foods out there that remain unregulated, untested, and ultimately unsafe. PaleoPet Pure’s quality raw pet food has no such problems, and it has a small but mighty team of 25 individuals who produce and distribute its products, many of whom are women and have been with the business since it started in 2015. Whilst there are too many to mention them all by name, it is safe to say that every member here is vital in the company functioning as smoothly as it does, with everybody working hard and together to support each other. It is thanks to the united efforts of this team that PaleoPet Pure can offer the best raw pet food in South Africa, and the company’s anchoring in the values of simplicity, consistency, transparency, and integrity further highlight its distinction. As Isis Limor eloquently puts it, “we don’t make claims we can’t prove, we deliver the best possible products we can, we are open and transparent about our ingredients, and we are environmentally conscious and believe that every animal should be treated with respect.” This guiding philosophy runs across the company and has resulted in PaleoPet Pure being named as the Best Raw Natural Pet Food Company 2024 - South Africa. Contact: Isis Limor Company: PaleoPet Pure Web Address: