Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

Pet Products & Services Awards 2024 | 27 Whose cat doesn’t love a good, old fashioned cardboard box? Every cat owner can recall at least one time where a delivery box had arrived, only to be quickly claimed by their furry friend. Only, cardboard boxes aren’t a particularly eye-pleasing solution to scratching your cat’s hiding itch, and it’s out of this that the Hide & Scratch Cat Scratcher Box was born. Designed to combine a box, bed, and scratch pad into one sturdy, high-quality and good-looking product, the Hide & Scratch has quickly become every cat’s dream come true. Below, we venture into what makes Hide & Scratch different from its competitors, and how its ingenious design benefits cats and their owners alike. Best Cat Scratcher Product 2024 - USA who cherish our feline friends above all else. Recently, this manifested through the exciting formation of a partnership between Hide & Scratch and Mission Meow. Known for providing $10,000+ in quarterly grants to feline-focused organisations looking to undertake meaningful projects, Mission Meow accumulates contributions from businesses such as Hide & Scratch to serve the wider community. So, by purchasing from Hide & Scratch, customers can take pride in the fact that they’ll be directly contributing to the future wellbeing of cats across the country. Widely recognised as the top-selling cat scratcher box currently on the US market, Hide & Scratch is a shining example of how to masterfully realise the full potential of what most would deem a simple concept. As such, LUXlife Magazine is pleased to feature Hide & Scratch in the Pet Products and Services 2024 awards, and we hope that this accolade can help to further its success in the world of cat scratchers. Contact: Carin Nelson Company: Hide & Scratch Web Address: hough a combination scratch pad and box isn’t a new concept, the majority of offerings in this area fall short in one or more areas – either the sides are too low, the cardboard too flimsy, the sizes too small, or the appearance unsightly. So, though it’s a brilliantly convenient idea, examples of it manifesting in a practical, high-quality way are few and far between. Until Hide & Scratch came along. Meticulously designed, the Hide & Scratch Cat Scratcher Box promises to be a safe, comfortable, and attractive interactive hidey hole for your cat. Free from flimsiness and garish prints, the Hide & Scratch provides cat owners with a product that not only serves an invaluable function, but blends in with the aesthetic of their home. With quality cardboard that’s structurally reinforced to hold its shape – a shape that has been carefully plotted out to appeal to your cat and fit even the biggest of breeds – the Hide & Scratch has become a smash hit among the US’s cat owner populace. Boasting sides high enough to provide ample coverage and protection, but still low enough to allow cats to monitor their surroundings, and two scalloped edges to perfectly pillow your feline’s face, this product has been, as Carin, the cat-lady behind this business, puts it – “designed to be the “PURR-fect cat scratcher box!” Its astoundingly low number of returns further reflects the high levels of customer satisfaction and makes this company’s products the best option for those looking for exceptional quality. Owing to that design and its irresistibility to cats, Hide & Scratch has been growing quickly and consistently gaining market share on its larger competitors – and customers may be surprised to learn that Carin isn’t just the “cat lady behind the business” – she IS the business. That’s right, Hide & Scratch isn’t a large corporation, but a one-woman show. With that in mind, Hide & Scratch’s contribution to the industry is even more so one to be recognised and celebrated. At the heart of her business, Carin aims to make both cats and cat lovers happy, and does so by actively partnering and engaging with those T