Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

28 | LUXlife Magazine anova is a China-based business that specialises in the production of intelligent, freeze-fried pet food. Through over a decade of meticulous research and development, Ranova has perfected the production of its products and established itself as the leader of China’s freeze-dried pet food industry. The company has reached its position due to its strong focus on research and development. Its production and research and development centre consists of three factories that cover a total area of 33,000m², including a 25,000m² construction area. Ranova has dedicated itself to technological innovation and optimising its processes in line with international production standards. This focus has ensured that Ranova operates with the most advanced vacuum freeze-drying equipment in the world, designed to comply with food industry standards. The research and development team at Ranova is comprised of industry experts, from veterinarians and animal nutrition experts to masters of the food industry. Such a varied, professional team means that the company can better understand the behaviour and preferences of animals and develop its products in accordance. The company makes its products using pure and natural materials that are safe for human consumption. This means that its products are easy to digest, nutritious, and palatable for pets with a protein content higher than many other treats on the market. All ingredients are sourced from high quality farms and are inspected numerous times throughout the manufacturing process to maintain Ranova’s high standards. Over the last decade, the company has streamlined its production process, with each step designed precisely. Through its perfected methodologies, Ranova produces the highest quality pet food at no cost to the flavour profile. First, the team chooses the raw meat as the base of its product. Ranova uses fresh meat, which is carefully examined to select the best pieces. The meat is then cut into pieces, without adding any extra ingredients, and the fat, skin, and bones are removed from the product. Then, the meat is rapidly frozen at -32°C before it is vacuum freezedried for 18-36 hours. This process causes the moisture to freeze and sublimate directly into water vapour, thus keeping the meat dry for the entire process. Freeze-drying the meat allows it to retain its nutrients, which are commonly depleted through more traditional cooking methodologies. Finally, the meat is pasteurised at 90°C for sterilisation before the freeze-drying process is completed. Once the meat has been freeze-dried, it is sent off for selection. Ranova has made a commitment to producing the highest quality products and Best Freeze Dried Pet Food Manufacturer 2024 – China Equipped with the world’s most advanced vacuum freeze-drying equipment, Ranova is a pioneer in the industry of freeze-dried and intelligent pet food production. Established in 2009, Ranova produces high quality pet food using advanced methodologies. As the company wins its title in the Pet Products and Services Awards 2024, we take a closer look at the innovative ways in which Ranova is leading the market. will not allow anything below quality to be selected. Imperfect meat is removed from the batch, and the approved selection is packaged. Finally, finished products are irradiated for sterilization purposes and distributed for sale. Feeding your pet freeze-dried, raw food comes with a myriad of benefits. The freeze-drying process ensures that the food retains both its quality and nutritional value for much longer, without any additives or preservatives being introduced. The food is highly palatable to animals, and the process leaves it easy to digest and absorb the nutrients. Finally, freeze-dried pet food adds an element of convenience for the pet owner that is lacking in the preparation of raw meat. Your pet can receive the full nutritional benefits of eating raw meat with no extra preparation on your behalf. Ultimately, the products available from Ranova are a testament to the results that stem from businesses investing in research and development. The company has worked tirelessly to research the market, source the highest quality ingredients, and refine its production processes. These efforts have certainly solidified Ranova as a pioneer in the production of high quality, vacuum freeze-dried pet food. We look forward to seeing what 2024 has in store for Ranova. If you would like to learn more about Ranova’s industry-leading methodologies, visit the company website now. Contact: Liu Zhe Company: Tianjin Ranova Petfood Co., Ltd. Web Address: R