Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

Pet Products & Services Awards 2024 29 Animal Behavioural Services Provider of the Year 2024 - South West England Nature's Therapies Animal Behaviour With over 15 years’ industry experience, Liz Marden is the owner of Nature’s Therapies Animal Behaviour, an award-winning provider of natural animal behaviour and training across the West Country. Passionate about helping owners to better understand and communicate with their pets, the company prides itself on using only kind, reward-based methods to support animals where they need it most. Covering the areas of Devon & Cornwall, Nature’s Therapies Animal Behaviour provides clients with animal behaviour, training, and Reiki therapy through in-person and online appointments. Liz Marden employs only kind, reward-based methods in her work to ensure that animals are responsive to owners’ requests while remaining within their coping threshold. With her natural approach to training, Liz can help pets to make positive associations with behaviours and overcome any fears, anxieties, or frustrations. Nature’s Therapies Animal Behaviour prides itself on working collaboratively with other pet professionals to ensure that owners and their animals are fully supported. This might include animal trainers, vets, pet shops, hydro therapists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, animal communicators, and other animal experts. Through her company, Liz also offers staff training to industry professionals on animal behaviour and training. Liz shares, “I help people to better understand what their animals are communicating to them and help the animal overcome their behavioural or training issues. I use modern, reward-based techniques that work with the animal as an equal, sentient being to understand and resolve the issues being experienced. I teach owner/handlers how to understand what their animals are ‘saying’ to them in order to improve relationships and work together, for a more compatible existence.” Liz Marden is an experienced and accredited Animal Behaviourist and Trainer with INTOdogs and ICAN, as well as a Reiki therapy practitioner. She has worked with various species but within her practice, mainly focuses on cats, dogs, and horses. Prior to establishing her company, Liz served in several animal industry roles including Kennel Supervisor and Behaviourist for the RSPCA and a College Animal Management L2 Programme Manager and Lecturer. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Liz provides a holistic service and unparalleled support to owners and their beloved pets. Working alongside Liz is Suzanne Askham, Chief Event Volunteer, who accompanies her to various events to ensure they run smoothly. This provides time for Liz to talk to people about their animals and any problems that they might be experiencing. Whether working with volunteers or students of behaviour and training, Nature’s Therapies Animal Behaviour has established a culture of kindness, open communication, and learning where everyone seeks continued professional development. Liz says, “There are always challenges in life, whether they be a challenging behaviour case or people telling you that your business will not work long term. We overcome them through a beautifully supportive network of fellow pet professionals and my Chief Event Volunteer Suzanne, who is my rock and has provided so much support over the years. As a certified Animal Behaviourist and Trainer with INTODogs, I am also fortunate to have access to many wonderful people who provide support, encouragement, and help if needed.” Looking to the future, Liz has plans to expand her business by taking on another staff member to ensure the business can help as many people and animals as possible. To provide further holistic support, Nature’s Therapies Animal Behaviour would also like to bring in new skillsets to fully meet animals and their owners’ individual needs. The team strives to be the best in the industry through continuous learning and remaining up to date with emerging trends. Lastly, Liz is eager to take on more Reiki therapy clients and help more people to discover how the modality can promote overall wellbeing in pets. In response to the company’s win, Liz says, “I am so proud of my business as I have developed it on my own and it has gone from strength to strength in the past six years. In that time, I have had the honour of winning several awards including Prestige Awards’ Animal Behavioural Services of the Year 2020/21 and 2021/22 and Service Excellence of the Year 2023. I also won Best Animal Behavioural Services Provider 2023 at the Southern Enterprise Awards.” These prestigious awards are a testament to the exceptional work that Liz continues to do for owners and animals, enabling them to overcome their unique challenges, build understanding, and better communicate with one another. Recognised in this year’s Pet Products and Services Awards, we have bestowed on Nature’s Therapies Animal Behaviour our award for Animal Behavioural Services Provider of the Year 2024 - South West England. [END OF COPY] Contact: Liz Marden Company: Nature's Therapies Animal Behaviour Web Address: