Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

30 | LUXlife Magazine Best Dog Grooming Spa 2024 - South West England Our pampered fluffy companions are our worlds. From the moment they come into our lives, they brighten them with wagging tails and floppy tongues, and all we can hope for is to give them the very best life possible. From doting on them, to seeing to it that they receive quality care wherever they may go, making them comfortable and happy is essential. So, when it comes to booking in that ever-important haircut, you need to be certain that your canine companion will be showered with love, affection, and compassion throughout the grooming process. Promising this very approach is Pawfectly – a multi-award winning Dorset-based dog grooming spa that puts the physical and emotional comfort of it four-legged clients before anything else. Join us as we explore how. Imagine you’re going in for your first haircut in a long while, and you’re expected to remain completely free from anxiety and nerves in the face of these new people. All of your previous experiences have been nothing short of overwhelmingly stressful – for instance, maybe one person pulled your hair a bit too much, or responded to your anxiety with unnecessary frustration. This is the position many cautious canines find themselves in when taking a visit to the groomers, and it’s a sad sight to see. But what if we could rewrite this narrative? What if there were a groomers that centered itself around understanding its four-legged clients first and foremost, even going so far as to limit its daily client intake to ensure each pup gets the utmost level of personalised fuss? To the people of Dorset and the surrounding area, this is exactly what Pawfectly promises to be. Specialising in the one to one grooming and rehabilitation of nervous dogs, seasoned clients, and puppies alike, Pawfectly is a multi-award winning dog grooming spa that, since 2021, has been redefining pet owners’ expectations. Having outgrown its original space in Christchurch, Pawfectly now resides in Branksome, Poole where its close-knit team comprised of Rosie, Saffron, and Jody are happily working with many more clients than they could have ever imagined. This humble collective presents two-legged and four-legged clients alike with a grooming experience that transcends the standards set by the wider industry. Where some are solely focused on achieving aesthetic perfection, Pawfectly has focused its efforts on enhancing the experience itself. In doing so, it’s developed a wholesome approach to grooming that sees it getting to know each canine on a more personal level. Limiting itself to only a small handful of clients per day, the groomers take the time to recognise each pup’s unique traits, characteristics, and temperament, before fashioning a considerate means of getting their coat looking like new. Whether this means spending ample amounts of time playing, gifting treats, or offering cuddles and fuss, Pawfectly is fully prepared to adjust itself to whatever a fluffball may need in order to enjoy the experience, centering their grooms around stress free and positive reinforcement based techniques. Along with elderly or arthritic seniors who benefit from a slower approach and gentle assistance. To Pawfectly, grooming isn’t just about the cut – it’s about pampering anxious furry friends who deserve to learn what a trip to the groomers should actually feel like. Since onboarding its very first four-legged client, Pawfectly has accumulated an exceptional level of renown from pet owners both in and around Dorset. In the past three years alone, it has amassed over 600 regulars, each so delighted with its services, they can’t possibly see their pups going elsewhere for their groom. This alone stands as a testament to Pawfectly’s impressive levels of dedication to its craft – it showcases its avid determination to dismantle the stigma surrounding dog grooming services and provide our fluffy companions with a proper pamper that’s bound to leave them eager to return. No dog should fear going to the groomers, but it’s a sad truth that many dread it due to previous negative experiences. Thankfully, Pawfectly promises to gently guide any nervous pup through their anxieties, encouraging them to come to love the process as much as the team itself does. It’s for this very reason that Pawfectly has been recognised by LUXLife as Best Dog Grooming Spa 2024 - South West England, and we can’t wait to see how its influence spreads as it continues to treat the area’s furry friends to an unbeatable grooming experience. Contact: Rosie Bradshaw Company: Pawfectly Web Address: