Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

Pet Products & Services Awards 2024 | 31 If you’re looking for a relaxing experience in the UK, then you should put a visit to an alpaca farm at the top of your list. Lucky Tails Alpaca Farm offers a family-friendly range of experiences with and alongside alpacas and donkeys. Based in the beautiful countryside outside Birmingham, it boasts some of the finest alpacas in the country, as well as friendly donkeys, meerkats, and other animal residents. Alpaca & Donkey Experience Provider of the Year 2024 – West Midlands Lucky Tails Alpaca Farm allows those with a recognised need to engage in supervised farm and animal-based activity. The benefits can be amazing for children who, for instance, experience learning disabilities or autism spectrum disorder. Lucky Tails’ care farm provides charity-delivered animal care qualifications, and the team is available to discuss children’s individual needs with their parents. The farm intends to help children who live in poverty, perform particularly poorly at school, or experience special needs. The farm works with its educational partners to develop the skills and emotional states of young people, hoping to re-engage them with society, be that through their education and work skills or solely for therapeutic benefit. There’s something for everyone at Lucky Tails, and for such a modest price, it certainly isn’t a day out to miss! Between the many animals and farm experiences it has to offer, Lucky Tails is a great place to go outdoors, get learning, and make some new animal friends along the way. Contact: Sarah Booth Company: Lucky Tails Alpaca Farm Web Address: he Lucky Tails experience is guaranteed fun for any animal lover. Visitors of all ages are treated to walking an alpaca, learning all about them, and maybe even getting to watch their young play. There are plenty of opportunities for selfies, too! Between that and the merchandise available, you’ll come away with plenty to remember your trip by. If you follow your guide’s advice, you’ll have a friendly time with the alpacas. They are gentle creatures at Lucky Tails, nurtured, and wellsocialised. A trip to the farm is as informative as it is fun, so you’ll find out all about the alpacas, their fleeces, and breeding programmes. Not only will you get to hang out with the fluffy creatures; you’ll come away knowing more about them than you ever did. As well as feeding, walking, and enjoying the company of alpacas, the farm is also home to a host of other animals, including pygmy goats, pigs, sheep, guinea pigs, and more. You’ll be able to feed all of them and see them up close, getting the full hands-on experience. For one, Lucky Tails is also pleased to offer the chance to fuss, groom, feed, and walk a miniature donkey. The donkeys at the farm love company, and they really enjoy getting to meet new people. They’re playful, too, and with a block booking available for parties of ten people, meeting them is an especially fun idea for a children’s party. Among the farm’s lovely creatures are meerkats. With a Lucky Tails meerkat experience, you’ll get to visit them in their enclosure and feed them. These highly intelligent creatures are inquisitive, bold, boast an incredible pair of eyes, and are fun to watch darting around in their enclosure, but they are fond of stealing food, so you’ll have to remember to guard it if you don’t want to see it disappear. Lucky Tails is proud to offer its care farming experience on top of its tourist offering. Care farming, or “social farming,” is a therapeutic exercise which T