Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

Pet Products & Services Awards 2024 | 5 team through their educational journey to help the charity improve the health of their beloved pups. Phoenix Rehoming advocates for raw food diets wherever possible but understands that this is not always an option for everyone. The team have launched an exciting Patron Project shop which delivers nutritional food straight to pet owners’ doors. Each natural product contains plenty of EU sourced fresh meat as well as a healthy mixture of stock, fruit, vegetables, Omega 3, and prebiotics. Over the last few years, the cost of living crisis has had a significant impact on donations and there has been a huge rise in the number of surrenders. Factors such as rising veterinary costs and unexpected fees can force owners to make the difficult decision to give up their pet. While this is sometimes the right thing to do, Phoenix Rehoming understands that it is bound to be a distressing time for owners and animals. Run by a dynamic team of volunteers, Phoenix is committed to raising as much funds as possible to change dogs’ lives for the better. Moving forward, it is the charity’s overarching goal to purchase land within Hampshire and build an innovative rehabilitation and training centre. Through this development, Phoenix will support dogs on their training journey to help them enhance their confidence and develop meaningful relationships with their owners. Phoenix Rehoming is on a mission to find their beloved rescues a permanent home where they can receive unconditional love and care for the rest of their lives. The Phoenix team works tirelessly to improve the lives of animals and provide adopters with the best possible advice and support. For its inspirational work, Phoenix Rehoming has been honoured as this year’s Most Dedicated Pet Rehoming Service - South East England. By donating to Phoenix Rehoming, you can help the team rescue more dogs in desperate need of help. To find out more about how you can support this remarkable charity, please visit Contact Details Contact: Carla-Marie Moore Company: Phoenix Rehoming Web Address: