Pet Products And Services Awards 2024

Jun22596 6 | LUXlife Magazine Boneve is on a mission to lead the pet food industry with its delivery of exceptional quality products and unrivalled customer service. By using only natural and organic ingredients, the company can ensure that its livestock is not contaminated with growth promotants or antibiotics. In its products, Boneve avoids additives such as artificial preservatives, flavours, and colours to provide pets with the healthiest food possible. All its innovative products prioritise balanced nutrition, utilising ingredients rich in essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins to boast cats’ and dogs’ health and wellbeing. The Boneve team understands that a good diet is essential to keeping pets healthy and happy. The company works with only ethical New Zealand farms and uses ingredients from cage-free, free-range grass-fed, and wildcaught sources to ensure ethical treatment of animals and the preservation of the environment. In the lush pastures of New Zealand, Boneve’s animals live naturally, grazing on nutrient-rich grass, and thriving in free-range environments. This wholesome upbringing ensures that livestock are of the highest quality and can provide pets with exquisite, disease-free nutrition. All Boneve products are made in New Zealand and adhere to the New Zealand Food Regulatory Authority. Boneve is certified by APAC Ingredient New Zealand, a trusted partner in ingredient sourcing that ensures all chickens are free-range and humanely raised. Furthermore, all its ingredients are certified as ethically and sustainably sourced by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) New Zealand. This dedication to sustainable practices also extends to its fisheries, with Boneve responsibly sourcing fish to manage their environmental impact. With an extensive range of products, Boneve specialises in complete and balanced diets in both freeze-dried and kibble forms. At the heart of its offerings is Boneve’s Freeze-dried Raw Prey, a pioneering product made of specially selected ingredients that resemble the natural diet of cats and dogs. With naturally derived Iron, Omega 3, and Zinc to support heart, skin, and coat health, Boneve’s Freeze-dried Raw Prey is crafted from 98.8% meat, organs, and bones. Packed with essential Vitamin B Complex, Taurine, and Fatty Acids, this remarkable product Apr24337 Best Ethical & Sustainable Pet Food Company 2024 - Singapore Based in New Zealand, among luscious greenery and agricultural pastures, Boneve is an organic pet food brand dedicated to providing pets with premium nutrition. At Boneve, all ingredients are sustainably sourced, freerange, and grass-fed to ensure its products provide pets with complete goodness from farm to bowl. We speak to Lynn Yeo, Head of Brand and Marketing Strategy at Boneve, about the company’s unwavering commitment to high quality ingredients and ethical sourcing. is designed to support the nervous system, digestion, metabolism, red blood cell production, and cognitive function. Boneve prides itself on remaining at the forefront of pet nutrition science through continuous investment into research and development. By collaborating with renowned veterinarians and nutritionists, Boneve has created cutting-edge formulas that preserve nutrients from natural ingredients to meet cats’ and dogs’ nutritional needs. Lynn Yeo, Head of Brand and Marketing Strategy at Boneve, says, “At Boneve Pet Food, our ability to adapt to the market and stay ahead of emerging trends is rooted in our proactive approach to understanding and addressing the evolving needs and sentiments of pet parents. We have identified a rising concern among pet parents regarding their pets' carbon footprint. To address this, we have implemented sustainable practices in our sourcing and production processes, such as using ethically sourced ingredients and ecoconscious packaging. “By staying attuned to the evolving sentiments of pet parents and embracing sustainability, Boneve not only adapts to market trends but also sets new standards in the pet food industry. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and ethical practices ensures we remain ahead of the curve and continue to meet the needs of conscientious pet owners.” Boneve is the first freeze-dried pet food in the market supplemented with a full suite of Vitamin B Complex. To address the nutrient loss that occurs during the freeze-drying process, the business integrates the necessary vitamins back into its food to ensure pets receive a nutritionally rich and balanced diet. Through this commitment to creating a distinct and superior product, Boneve stands out in its competitive industry and provides pets with the nutrients necessary to live a healthy and vibrant life. The pet food market is highly competitive and Boneve has faced several challenges over the years, including maintaining ingredient quality, regulatory compliance, and market competition. Since its