Private Education Awards 2022 Page 13 LUX 2022 Private Education Awards Proudly celebrating their 20th anniversary being established in 2002, J. Addison School is not just a school; it is not just a group of classrooms with students in them; and it is not just reading, writing and arithmetic. Principal, Mr Lee Venditti sees J. Addison School more as a concept, as an interaction between different people with a common focus – educating children to their highest level of ability. It’s not just learning content, facts and processes, but it’s learning how to be successful in life. The team at J. Addison continues to grow with pride as they ‘educate children not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts’. J. Addison School Best Co-Educational International K-12 School - Ontario May22520 J. Addison School endeavours to provide an inclusive environment that fosters cooperative learning, intelligence, creativity, and innovation. Its teaching team encourages students to challenge and motivate themselves to achieve their full potential continually and conscientiously. Principal, Mr Lee Venditti feels privileged to lead the learning community of J. Addison School, especially during a time of exciting change and endless possibilities. He and his team are embracing the future of the 21st century and devotedly preparing their students to become the leaders of this new world. In order to accomplish this monumental task, the team strives to provide a teaching experience that is entirely personal; show proud recognition for individual and group achievements along with diligence and hard work; as well as have an unwavering commitment to the development of character and civic responsibility. By cultivating a multidimensional educational environment that goes beyond 0 2 Since 2002 Years Y rs academic accomplishments and personal achievements, J. Addison School motivates its students to aim high and push boundaries, while never losing sight of respecting and embracing the uniqueness and talents of themselves and each other. The teaching team arms them with the skills and values that are vital to becoming a responsible global citizen, so they are prepared to face the future with confidence, integrity, compassion, independence, and leadership. For the students themselves, it is important that they reflect on their goals and strive to not only pursue personal excellence, but also demonstrate perseverance and integrity. Mr Venditti and his team are there to support and encourage them to explore different possibilities and grow as learners. And with these opportunities, come both a personal and collective responsibility to be supportive of one another. J. Addison School’s success hinges on its motto, “Our students’ success is our success”. Indeed, the team are very proud of their students’ achievements and they get great satisfaction out of hearing their positive learning experiences in both the academic and social spheres of J. Addison School. Previous student, Nicholas from Hong Kong says, “My experience at J. Addison was extraordinary and I would say that it is very easy to make friends here. J. Addison developed me into a better person mostly in the aspects of socialness, openness to different experiences, and time management. J. Addison helped me achieve my post-secondary goals by providing a sufficient amount of support both academically and mentally. I feel that the staff of J. Addison has always been with me throughout this stage of life, guiding me until the end.” Another previous student, Isabella from Venezuela shares, “Despite the unexpected circumstances we faced due to the pandemic, my experience at J. Addison was unique and memorable. I felt warmly welcomed since the first day, and was able to build special friendships with both day and board students that I know will last forever. Being part of the basketball team helped me to build habits that will help me in my future as a professional, especially when it comes to time management. Responsibility, accountability, and integrity are the values that reign within the culture of our team, and to that I account its success. Thanks to the moments I lived here, I feel prepared to embrace my future endeavours both as a student-athlete, and for that I am beyond grateful.” Company: J. Addison School Email: [email protected] Website: