Private Education Awards 2022

Page 14 LUX 2022 Private Education Awards Education – particularly early years education – can shape someone’s life. It has a fundamental role within child development; henceforth, it is important that children receive an education filled with optimism and support. The two aforementioned traits underpin the ethos at Vita et Pax Preparatory School, a co-educational, independent day school and nursery for children aged between three and eleven. Whilst Vita et Pax Preparatory School is a Christian organisation, it is accepting of children from all cultural and religious backgrounds, as it firmly believes that all children should have access to a happy and encouraging learning environment. Indeed, the school believes in embracing the uniqueness of each student that passes through its doors. The school prides itself upon this fact, allowing children to explore their identities and be confident in sharing that with the world around them whether via faith, culture, skills, or knowledge. Consequently, the pupils don’t only grow academically, but also as people. In an ethical approach similar to that of the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Vita et Pax Preparatory School teaches that success lies in the diversity of the human experience. No two people are the same – and that is okay. In essence, strength lies in the uniting of people, and this is reflected in the school’s curriculum. Vita et Pax Preparatory School incorporates a range of cultural teachings into its lessons in order to promote inclusivity, peace, and acceptance. As a result, every student knows that they have a valued voice within the school Learning is an integral part of life. Vita et Pax Preparatory School is on a mission to infuse a passion for learning within every student in its cohort – no matter their background, religion, language, or culture. The school radiates equality and diversity, harnessing such elements as the foundation for a welcoming school community. May22153 Vita et Pax Preparatory School Cockfosters Ltd The Most Inclusive Independent Preparatory Day School - London community and that, no matter what, they will be listened to by the school faculty. Therefore, it is imperative that each staff member at the school is entirely invested in the school’s mission and code of ethics. Kindness, enthusiasm, and creativity can be found within each teacher at the school, who all boast an impressive devotion to the education of every child within the institution. At Vita et Pax Preparatory School, the team ensures that no child is left behind. As such, the staff are an unbreakable pillar of strength within the school and the school ensures that they are supported to continue learning so that they become exceptional leaders whose skills extend far beyond the school walls. It is abundantly clear that Vita et Pax Preparatory School is an incredibly unique and special place to begin the learning journey. Unlike a significant portion of the school system, Vita et Pax Preparatory School is entirely independent, offering an exceptional alternative to parents who are opting to place their children into private education. The children that enter the school are set up for a successful future, with many progressing on to prestigious grammar schools and leading independent secondary schools. Vita et Pax Preparatory School endeavours to continue down this path of inclusivity, warmth, and encouragement. Moreover, the educational institution is moving towards the founding of a larger platform that will bolster its student’s voices. It vows to establish itself as a beacon of diversity and equality, within which it will provide an advanced education to the children it takes on board. Company: Vita et Pax Preparatory School Cockfosters Ltd Web Address: Email: [email protected] Address: Vita et Pax Preparatory School 6a Priory Close Green Road Southgate London N14 4AT