Private Education Awards 2022 Page 15 LUX 2022 Private Education Awards The Montessori Integrated School is one of the Philippines’ leading practitioners of Montessoribased education. It works with children of all abilities, believing that support, education, and encouragement can enable any child to gain selfconfidence and accomplish their educational goals. Montessori Integrated School K-12 & Special Needs School - Southeast Asia Apr22563 At the turn of the 20th century, Maria Montessori was in the process of developing her famed approach to education. Her initial work was conducted amongst children with special needs, whom she taught based upon the elements of what would later become the Montessori Method. In essence, the Montessori method is for every child, no matter what their needs or abilities may be. Implementing this method into its teaching style is the Montessori Integrated School. Located in the Philippines, the school serves as one of the nation’s pioneers of the Montessori philosophy, which it has devised to cater to pre-K-12 and special needs children. The Children’s House, the school’s primary level, was founded in 1965 by Sylvia Lazo, the school’s founder and president. Ms. Lazo is the first Filipino to acquire a primary diploma from the Association Montessori Internationale, a global organisation dedicated to the preservation and continuation of Maria Montessori’s legacy. Henceforth, Montessori Integrated School is one-of-a-kind. Families that require extra support and a well-balanced strategy for their child’s education flock to the school. It is a safe, friendly, and inclusive environment in which children are provided with the tools to thrive. Consequently, the school’s mission is to help children become self-reliant and productive world citizens by enabling the development of independence during the formative years. For example, the school’s kinder and preschool programme is centred around the Montessori principle of the ‘absorbent mind.’ As such, in these three-hour classes, the teachers encourage the interaction between the child and the environment. The classes have been carefully designed to do this through planned and individualised activities and, perhaps most interestingly, through providing means of communication between the youngest students and the oldest students. Consisting of children aged between two years and six years old, the group studies concepts such as sensorial notions, coordinated movement, language, math, and practical life. The mingling between age groups is seen throughout the Montessori Integrated School system, as it believes that when older students and their younger peers are able to interact, there are benefits for both parties. In turn, these interactions are enhanced by unique and tailored classes that allow for the sharing of skills and knowledge to take place. Moreover, in the high school years, work study programmes give the students a chance to discover their career inclinations. The experiences stemming from these programmes also help them develop a strong work ethic and communication skills to ensure their readiness for higher and further education. Montessori Integrated School effectively balances academia with the Montessori Method, resulting in a school that not only embraces intelligence but also independence. No matter what a child’s needs may be, the school is equipped to provide a well-rounded teaching plan that fosters fundamental life skills, confidence, and positivity. Subsequently, it is deserving of its leading position within its field. Contact: Monica Moreno Company: Montessori Integrated School Web Address: