Private Education Awards 2022

Page 18 LUX 2022 Private Education Awards The ethos that permeates Kitebrook Preparatory School is that children only have one childhood. This means that while its children gain the academic precision needed to confidently move on to their next schools, what actually is instilled in them are the fond memories of being allowed to embrace imagination and fun, something so inherent and imperative to a child’s formative years. Being outdoors, come rain or shine, the children don their waterproofs and climb trees, scramble up nets, make dens and enjoy creating in the outdoors with their friends. They are afforded a kind of freedom that only a country prep can offer; wellies on at play, outdoor learning overlooking a field full of sheep and cows, swathes of trees and gorgeous hills on the horizon, all guarded by a ha-ha. Kitebrook doesn’t compromise the academics because it is a country school; it makes the school stronger. With a bespoke Baccalaureate programme for its Upper School children, Kitebrook maintains the rigour of the 13+ ISEB Common Entrance while also promoting and measuring 10 lifelong skills and characteristics. This combination provides parents with a holistic view of their child’s progress, and for Kitebrook to optimally determine the best fit for their next school. Kitebrook works with its children and their families on where they aspire to move on to, with first choices and scholarships regularly being attained. Opportunities beyond academia are plentiful. Sport is for all at Kitebrook, with incredible team and individual successes, and dedicated Named Great Country Prep by The Week Independent Schools Guide, and Most Idyllic Independent School 2021 and Most Welcoming Independent School 2022 in the Private Education Awards, Kitebrook Preparatory isn’t just a school within the beautiful Cotswold countryside, but it epitomises what a great country school should be. May22575 Kitebrook Preparatory School Most Welcoming Independent School - Gloucestershire sports staff who have transformed the department. However, it’s not just sports where its children excel, its creative arts departments also offer inspirational outlets for the children, honing their many talents. Kitebrook’s extracurricular provision is incredibly varied, with something new and exciting available, motivating all children to become involved. The popular flexi boarding evenings bring together children from all year groups, in a home from home environment. Spending time drinking hot chocolate, playing games, building their resilience, independence and confidence, while having lots of fun with others. Kitebrook has also successfully achieved the Green Flag Award, setting the benchmark standard for the management of recreational outdoor spaces across the United Kingdom and around the world. Due to the outstanding efforts of its pupil-led Eco-Committee, it can now fly the flag with pride as an internationally recognised Eco-School. Traditionally, where boys were made to leave at a young age, Kitebrook now comfortably sits as a fully mixed prep school, with equal numbers of boys and girls throughout. The small class sizes and family atmosphere provides an environment that supports individuality, cultivating unique talents and nurturing a child’s development. Kitebrook strengthens responsibility in its older children, which creates an independence key to their future life skills. It also ensures they offer a nurturing arm to those who are younger, providing an exemplary model of how they too should behave. While Kitebrook’s goal is to extract the personal potential of an individual child, it knows that this purpose manifests itself in many different guises, and it is the wellbeing and happiness of each child that needs to be at the core of their education, which it truly believes takes place at its welcoming, country prep school. Company: Kitebrook Preparatory School Head: Mrs Susan McLean Email: [email protected] Website: