Private Education Awards 2022

Page 20 LUX 2022 Private Education Awards Developed by the physician Maria Montessori throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Montessori method enables children to explore their natural desire to learn. It is rooted in the belief that children, in a supportive environment, are their own best teachers. Henceforth, the method allows for self-correction, exploration, and the development of self-confidence. Since its creation, the method has blossomed into a phenomenon, and has become commonplace in educational institutions around the world. Through its facilities in New York City and its online preschool programme, Playgarden Prep delivers Montessori-based education to children aged from 12 months to five years old. Indeed, its mission is to provide vital early cognitive, emotional, and social learning to families internationally. Furthermore, Playgarden Prep encourages practical learning, and as a result, it offers a plethora of ways to engage young minds, including activities, workbooks, and DIY projects. Students enjoy lessons in both ageappropriate classrooms and in mixed age groups, which encourages them to learn from others and experience roles as both leaders and followers. Subsequently, this enhances their communication and collaborative skills. In addition, language and literacy are incorporated into all activities, with an emphasis on phonemic practice and an introduction to Spanish. Open-ended sensory experiences are always available, Playgarden Prep is an innovative early education center that caters to both in-person and digital cohorts. Inspired by the Montessori teaching method, its curriculum allows children to explore their own ideas and establish an interest in learning through nurturing independence and selfconfidence. Indeed, the unique institution is setting children up for long term success. May22252 Playgarden Prep Most Innovative Early Education Environment - NYC and students are often self-directed in their play. Such activities have been shaped through over 15 years of refinement, and this has, in essence, cultivated a well-rounded and interesting curriculum. However, its goals extend further than simply providing an excellent education. Playgarden Prep is enthusiastic about providing support to caregivers. Consequently, it has established a digital school community through which parents can learn, receive comments surrounding their children’s progress, connect with educational experts, and communicate with friends. To further support parents, Playgarden Prep’s teachers produce webinars, blogs, and a range of custom tools. Parents can then utilize these facilities to make learning fun and bolster their connection to their child’s development, which allows the family unit to learn and grow together. As such, its team is composed of educational directors, teachers, physical and occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, child development specialists, DEI experts, and nutritionists. Playgarden Prep boasts an impressive set of instructors who are motivated to assist children through their early development. Moreover, its in-house training gives guidance, information, and opportunities for collaboration to teachers both on-site and online. This ultimately allows the teachers to deliver a diversified message that resonates with every family. The Covid-19 pandemic did, unfortunately, impact the institution and its students. Children missed out on socialization, routine, and learning opportunities within a crucial window of development. To help families with this situation, Playgarden Prep developed its innovative Online Preschool and After School programmes. Its solution was specifically tailored to engage its young students by combining live Zoom classes, virtual educational playdates, and recorded video lessons with teachers from its preschools. It pairs technology with hands-on and social experiences to allow children to learn organically. This solution has been successful, as its students enjoy learning through the use of online worksheets, printed workbooks, DIY projects, and educational toys that are delivered to their door. By layering learning with a variety of methods, Playgarden Prep formulated individualized learning plans to meet every student’s needs. The final ingredient in Playgarden Prep’s success is a strong emphasis on well-being for students, caregivers, and teachers. It features entertaining content that guides children through all five aspects of PERMA, with a focus on self-confidence, emotional literacy, and self-regulation skills that children need to thrive in today’s landscape. Positive psychology is incorporated to help children improve their mental and emotional health. Simply, Playgarden Prep’s mission is to plant the seeds to grow a happy, healthy generation! Playgarden Prep Contact: Carlos Corona, Valeska von Schirmeister, Amanda Vierheller Web Address: