Private Education Awards 2022

Page 6 LUX 2022 Private Education Awards May22638 Blanketing the Ascot, Berkshire landscape is 55-acres of woodland within which The Marist School – an all-girls Catholic school – resides. Accommodating students between the ages of 2 and 18, the institution guides children through their education in a personalised, accommodating, and positive manner. As such, the impressive site boasts an abundance of facilities, including the Senior and Sixth Form Phase, the (Co-Ed) Nursery and Preparatory Phase, a science block, drama studio, an indoor swimming pool, a music block, large playing fields, netball courts, an AstroTurf pitch, and a multi-purpose sports hall. The Marist is known for its sporting prowess, having regular success at County, Regional and National level, particularly in netball and athletics. Busting stereotypes, teams are fielded in football and cricket and rugby is offered as a co-curricular club. Everyone that attends clubs represents the school, with A-E teams in each year group The Marist believes in the future of education and everything that it encompasses; it knows that children need to be taught in a way that respects them and allows them to grow. It believes in the true development of character and sense of self. Everything that The Marist does is driven by compassion, care, and utmost regard for every student – providing them with everything they need to A premium education consists of two fundamental elements, one being an upto-date curriculum, and the other being a focus upon wellbeing. The Marist School’s innovative approach to learning, combines both of these aspects. In turn, The Marist School has cultivated an environment that allows its students to blossom into independent, confident, and well-educated young adults. The Marist School Most Outstanding Independent Girls School 2022 - Berkshire