Private Education Awards 2022 Page 7 LUX 2022 Private Education Awards feel nourished and supported. This concept is something that all schools should learn and, for the sake of the future, practice. The co-curricular program is vast, with a whopping 97 clubs running each week, in the mornings, at lunch times and after school. From cross-stitch to martial arts and orchestra to coding, their really is something for everyone. Off-site clubs include ice-skating, paddle-boarding and horse riding and sports fixtures are all played mid-week, apart from County tournaments. A bustling centre for education, enabling girls to thrive academically and find a place within a welcoming community. Whilst the campus has expanded greatly over the years, The Marist School’s approach to education and child development remains largely unchanged, as it continues to abide by the fundamental values established by the Marist Sisters. At The Marist School, spirituality and education walk hand in hand, and are used to bolster the acquisition of knowledge and personal development. The school truly recognises that every child is unique – they possess their own interests, skills, and personalities – and as a result, the school strives to rear these traits, turning them into empowering attributes. Every student that passes through its doors receives an education designed to produce innovative, ambitious, and self-aware leaders of the future. This approach is reflected in The Marist School’s vision, ‘Excellence as a habit not an action; Excellence in who we are; Excellence in what we do; Excellence in our service of others.’ Henceforth, alongside a well-rounded education, the students of The Marist School are provided with excellent pastoral care. Awarded the Wellbeing Award for Schools, it is abundantly clear just how dedicated to its students’ health, both physical and mental, The Marist is. Indeed, The Marist views an effective education as more than just a high examination result. A true Marist education encompasses the whole person, meaning that it focuses upon personal, social, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. As such, The Marist provides multiple means of support for its students, such as a therapeutic team that includes two therapy dogs, Misty and Merlin! Unsurprisingly, The Marist produces high achievers. Its resolute team foster a love for learning within each pupil, subsequently, many of the students accomplish exceptional examination results. For example, the school’s A Level results for 2020-2021 saw 86% of the girls gain A*-A grades and 100% A*-B grades. Every student was placed within their first choice of university. Thereby, The Marist School placed in the top 1% nationally for A Level results – this was the third consecutive year that it acquired this ranking. The ISI Inspection Report further supports the school’s lofty standards of education. Rated ‘Excellent’ in all areas, the school was examined based on two key areas: the achievement of the cohort, including their academic development, and the personal development of the pupils. The findings of the report note the outstanding levels of academic success seen throughout the institution, commenting upon both the grades achieved at GCSE and A Level, and the work observed during lessons. Places at The Marist School are, therefore, sought after. There are multiple entry points into the school’s system, however, they do come at a cost. By sixth form, parents can expect to be paying £5,505 per term. Of course, for many, this price is high though considerably more affordable than some similar schools nearby’. Henceforth, The Marist offers a plethora of bursaries, scholarships, discounts for Armed Forces’ families and teaching personnel, sibling discounts, and financial support services. Though, for this tremendous standard of education, the financial cost is undoubtedly worth it. Company: The Marist School Principal: Jo Smith Web Address: