Private Education Awards 2022 Page 9 LUX 2022 Private Education Awards The use of an enrichment and co-curricular programme allow pupils to develop competences that will support them in every aspect of their adult life. Adventure, expedition, and discovery are also important aspects of the curriculum, allowing it to present pupils with an appropriate level of challenge that ensures pupils remain engaged and enthusiastic about the content, whilst also supporting the pupils throughout. The creative, independent, front-running young people that emerge from this process go on to become the new world leaders and pioneers, allowing them to take the fostered desire to explore that comes from learning on its expansive grounds and take it forward to jobs, hobbies, and passion projects. Glenalmond College is also keen to add that despite the historical and countrysidebased nature of the campus, it is still an incredibly modern school environment. It takes great pride in being technologically adept, able to facilitate its pupils’ IT literacy with exemplary computers and programmes that enable them to find the knowledge they need for academic success, as well as enabling them to engage and interact with others in a responsible way. After all, these sorts of interactions will form a bulk of how they engage with people in their adult life, especially with the prevailing paradigm of remote work having become far more popular in the wake of the pandemic. Located in Perth and Kinross, Glenalmond College is one of several independent boarding and day schools in the region, setting itself apart with its GCSE and A-Level curriculum, an educational standard with high levels of international credibility that its pupils will benefit from gaining credentials in, especially when it comes to university applications. In addition, Glenalmond College also earned further goodwill from pupils, parents, and teachers alike with its response to the pandemic. Throughout the lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 outbreak, this College showed its technological prowess in action. It implemented its online teaching methods with short turnaround and maximum effectiveness, enabling it to pivot to hybrid teaching. With in-person and online classes being held daily early into the crisis, its pupils were able to continue with their learning largely without interruption, allowing it to continue its duty of care during the holiday season. There was, admittedly, a slowing in the influx of international pupils during this time, but it is pleased to say that this has recovered since, and that the online teaching it held more than made up the shortfall in the interim. Being a fundamentally close community, the pupils at Glenalmond College can expect to be quickly made part of the family. With a heavy emphasis on helping pupils to become well rounded people that have access to living, learning, work, and play, its staff are always available outside formal lesson hours and ready and willing to help pupils to achieve all manner of goals, in the classroom and in their free time. Formal and informal support are given equal emphasis at Glenalmond College, and it knows that in order to create an effective teaching environment, one must first create an environment in which children feel safe and supported. This is where Glenalmond College has, time and again, proven its success. Company: Glenalmond College Head Teacher: Dr Michael Alderson Website: