Private Education Awards 2023

22 | LUXlife Magazine passion for excelling the youth of today, and it is this quality that makes St. Andrew’s School a true hidden gem in Kent. Contact: Emma Steinmann-Gilbert Company: St. Andrew’s School Web Address: s an independent school for children across Medway and the surrounding areas, St. Andrew’s School has garnered itself a fantastic reputation that highlights the pride that it has for every one of its pupils. It is a school that provides high quality, allround education for a competitive fee, and has focused its efforts on constructing an educational environment that is both encouraging and challenging, whilst giving pupils the stimulation that they require to truly excel. St. Andrew’s School promotes a sense of collaboration and communication throughout its educational practices, and it is this approach towards learning that ultimately moulds each of its pupils into independent, responsible individuals. It views education through the lens of creating the next generation’s greatest minds and has tailored its teaching to maximise the potential of every individual child. Thanks to its family-friendly nature, St. Andrew’s School has managed to bring together a community that is underpinned by an excellent pastoral programme targeted at shared responsibility and mutual understanding. It is this approach that ensures the staff remain committed to the school’s values of honesty, respect, and integrity, which shines through the environment that has been cultivated as a result. In terms of the location of the school, St. Andrew’s School is positioned in the heart of historic Rochester, Kent. Its facilities are housed in simply stunning Victorian houses that contribute towards a unique atmosphere that really sets it apart from other independent schools. The homely atmosphere lends itself to the positive spirit and family feel of the educational environment, allowing St. Andrew’s School pupils to enjoy a truly unique experience. It is consistently updating its facilities with the latest technological innovations, such as individual devices for all pupils in Years 1 to 6, whilst still adhering to a classic air that keeps the spirit of tradition alive and flourishing throughout the school. Parents can rest easy knowing that their children are in fantastic hands when attending St Andrew’s School. St. Andrew’s School boasts a structured curriculum that is delivered by talented and caring staff who serve to both inspire and challenge every aspect of a child’s learning process. The teachers aspire to unite every pupil with their unique potential and empower each child through active engagement and thoughtful planning. No detail is overlooked, and it all culminates in an educational environment that has quality learning at the centre of its being. Few other independent schools have been able to construct such a resolute Best Educational Environment 2023 - Kent Situated in Rochester, Kent, St. Andrew’s School utilises beautiful Victorian houses as a sanctuary for fostering academic excellence for children aged 2 to 11. Long known as a hidden gem of Medway, its reputation as an independent school for academic excellence is second to none. We investigate how St. Andrew’s School prepares pupils for the next steps of their lives. A