Resorts & Retreats Awards 2020 Page 13 LUX 2020 Resorts and Retreats Awards Located in Australia, Ariana Wong Travel specialises in tailor-made luxury travel experiences for those who are looking for that unforgettable destination experience. As winner of Most Admired Independent Travel Advisor – Australia in this year’s Resorts & Retreats Awards, we spoke to Owner Ariana Wong, to find out what makes her company so successful. Ariana Wong Travel Most Admired Independent Travel Advisor – Australia Oct20765 After spending nearly a quarter of a century in travel, Ariana Wong made the decision to launch Ariana Wong Travel, a luxury travel company devoted to providing the ultimate luxury travel experience for individuals looking to bring their dream holiday to life. Ariana Wong Travel has an abundance of loyal clients due to the exceptional service that they receive when arranging their holiday. Ariana ensures that her client’s expectations are exceeded in every way by creating a bespoke tailormade itinerary with every detail of their requirements catered for. Having lived in several countries spanning three continents and being fluent in several languages, Ariana has gained a huge amount of knowledge in various cultures from around the world. Her close working relationship with many luxurious resorts and retreats and her vast network of luxury sector contacts allows her to look after her clients in the best way possible. “My philosophy is ‘what’s right for the client is right for the business’”, Ariana highlights. Despite the company’s success, this year has been a difficult period for Ariana, with us seeing the huge impact Covid-19 has had on the travel and tourism industry across the world. Australia has been a pioneer throughout the pandemic with its success rate in keeping Covid-19 at bay, but many businesses have still had to shut their doors permanently and more are likely to follow. The most disruption to Ariana Wong Travel has been caused by the limited travel restrictions put in place, but with many so desperate for that all-important holiday, Ariana is confident that demand will thrive once things return to the ‘new normal’. To maintain a strong relationship with her clients through the pandemic, Ariana has continued to keep in touch with them by arranging a walk in the local park, going out for a lunch or dinner, effortlessly going above and beyond the usual client expectations of a quick call or email. Looking to the future Ariana is eager to grow her business and recruit additional staff to allow her to help new clients who are looking for that unforgettable holiday. Her passion for what she does truly standouts and is clearly what sets her company apart from its competitors. Ariana Wong Travel is ideally placed to face the coming industry challenges head on and will continue to provide its clients with an exceptional and award-winning service. Contact: Ariana Wong Company: Ariana Wong Travel Web Address: “My feeling is that holidays such as exclusive charters, villas, yachts, private jets or small group journeys will become most popular in 2021, with more demand for breaks in the countryside rather than the big cities”