Resorts & Retreats Awards 2020

Page 14 LUX 2020 Resorts and Retreats Awards When it comes to advertising a company’s online presence, the creative team at Mr.Highline always find a way to deliver. The firm works for clients mainly in the hospitality industry, operating across a spectrum of digital marketing techniques as well as website design & development. Having supported hotels ranging from city breaks in the heart of Times Square, New York, to blissful island retreats in Greece, to corporate hotels in the UK and everything in between, their approach is clearly unparalleled in the industry. What keeps people coming back to this amazing firm is the team’s deep understanding of all the aspects of the industry. This allows them to apply a truly boutique approach, tailoring their project to suit each client’s needs. Many of these clients aren’t sure how the digital revolution could impact their business, so the team take the time to find ways to add value and unlock their full potential. At the start of any project, the Mr.Highline team explore and analyze the client’s brand. This allows them to come up with a robust marketing strategy that reflects the heart of what is being offered to customers. The team consider it their job to create a powerful online presence through a clear content marketing strategy and a modern website to provide the most transparent view of what guests and customers can expect from a business. All of the aspects that are tackled by the team are produced in-house, which guarantees the same impressive quality of services whether it’s videos or design. The costs of employing at freelance rates Creating an image is key to establishing a brand amongst the public. While traditionally this image would be limited to products and advertising, an online presence has become vital in the last few years. The hospitality sector is no exception. For businesses across the world, the team at Mr.Highline have played an essential role in achieving success for many. We take a closer look at this astonishing success story. Sep20647 Mr.Highline Best Online Hospitality Marketing Company - Europe are negated, making the best forms of content much more accessible. These components translate into measurable data to align with a client’s business objectives and the team remain proactive to any changes along the way. Building up strong relationships has been key to the firm’s success. Outsourcing services obviously has its benefits, but these benefits can only really be seen if a client works well with the partner organization. The team at Mr.Highline champion a responsive and agile approach that ensures that people get what they want when it comes to meeting business goals. Technology plays a crucial part in the operations of Mr.Highline and the team make sure to operate with the latest available tools. An in- house developed suite of enterprise apps called “Heartbeat” allows the firm to fully automate its social media operations including, scheduling of content, strategy planning, content calendars, feed previews, asset editing and real-time reports. In essence, the firm has invested time and funds into creating the bespoke tools that are needed to effectively manage a business’s online presence. The benefit of this to clients is a seamless experience where everything is streamlined and fine-tuned to the last detail. The hospitality industry has been on a rollercoaster ride for many months now, and understandably there is no definitive answer for when that will come to an end. For that reason, the team’s strategies have adapted towards focusing on nurturing the existing audience, maintaining their interest, promoting local news and offering a transparent voice as part of the re-opening process. Whilst uncertainty in the industry remains, it is important to remember that there is still fierce competition, which will be ever more apparent when demand begins to return and those without a nurtured presence could have already sealed their fate. Over the last year, the team have been able to undertake important work with their own online presence which has given the business an entirely new look and feel. Mr.Highline is also developing a brand-new “online marketing support” package that is targeting businesses in the UK & UAE. This package takes into account the financial struggles that most businesses are facing and addresses their current needs with a results-driven strategy. Like all of Mr.Highline’s techniques and methods, the aim is to create an offering that can transform businesses in this challenging times. This is a firm that is not just for the best of times, but one that will help all sort of businesses rethink their marketing strategy and understand the importance of having a team of professionals guide them through the path to recovery. Company: Mr.Highline Contact: Christalena Vraila Web Address: Email: [email protected]