Resorts & Retreats Awards 2020

Page 26 LUX 2020 Resorts and Retreats Awards Whether you want to enjoy a symphony orchestra, a pop concert or an audiobook, the integrated loudspeakers of the Sonic Chair can be finely tuned to one’s hearing. To start, Jan provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its client base. “As a full-service design agency, we are specialists in communication and exhibition design and deal with interactive installations and cross-media designs. In 2006, we developed and designed the Sonic Chair and presented it at the International Furniture Fair IMM in Cologne. The attention and demand was immense right from the start and since then, every single Sonic Chair has been individually handcrafted according to customer specifications and is distributed by us directly worldwide. “The Sonic Chair combines the functions of a comfortable lounge chair with an award- winning design (Red Dot Design Award) and an audio station in a single product. The design is inviting and attractive, with the special shape and high-end sound system allowing the enjoyment of sound without disturbing the surroundings. Providing an exceptional audio experience, it allows you to sit at the very centre of a sound system. Whether you listen to music, speech or other sounds, the integrated speakers are precisely adapted to your ears. “Handmade using only the finest materials like semi-aniline leather, satin stainless steel or high-quality micro fibre, the chair is individually manufactured according to the wishes of the customer. The speakers are encased in a carefully crafted wooden body that creates sufficient volume for powerful bass tones, while a specially developed body-focused sound membrane serves as a backrest and further augments the lower frequencies, thus creating the feeling of a live performance. Sonic Chair is a full-service design agency based in Cologne, Germany. Following the firm’s well-deserved success in the Resorts & Retreats Awards 2020, we got in touch with Jan Stühn to find out more. Sonic Chair Most Innovative Hotel Furniture Product: Sonic Chair “The open design ensures of a resonance- receptive, well-balanced sound environment and the active and passive sound insulation creates an acoustic island. Background noises will not disturb the user of the sonic chair. Two separate input jacks provide the possibility to connect all types of audio- player like CD-player, computer, or TV. Wireless audio connection of smartphones, tablets or laptops is possible via Bluetooth and an optional table with integrated QI charger allows wireless charging of smartphones. Equipped with an Apple iMac with touchscreen or an iPad the Sonic Chair becomes a multimedia-based all-rounder for audio visual information and entertainment. Typically, we work with a wide variety of customers and Sonic Chairs are used wherever there is a demand for private audio and visual applications in public areas.” In the resorts and retreats sector the rising demand for multimedia applications has created an opportunity for the firm. Moreover, as Jan goes on to explain the Sonic Chair has addressed the void with its rather unique audio product. “The unique selling point of the Sonic Chair is its award-winning design in combination with its high-end sound function. This cross-over product has created its own niche and within this niche, we are worldwide leaders in regards to the quality of material and craftsmanship and excellence of sound. Using the finest upholstery materials and state-of-the-art multimedia technology from worldwide leading suppliers, together with our sophisticated manufacturing process we built a very durable product with minimum maintenance required. Whether it’s in a lobby and lounge, rooms, and suites or even in a wellness and spa area, good sound without disturbing others is an essential part for personal wellbeing.” As a close-knit unit, the firm base a lot of its production on teamwork and as Jan explains further this has served the company well in recent times. “As a small team of 15 employees, each one of us is a specialist in our field. The company is small enough to guarantee a quick and personalised response to any request from our existing or potential customers. Working in close cooperation with other departments, all employees should be flexible and team players.” Finally, Jan comments on the future prospects of the firm as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. “Of course, we do not know what the future will bring. Virtual Reality and wireless QI charging in combination with Sonic Chair are only two areas with great potential. Certainly, we will respond to the challenges and equip our Sonic Chair with the latest sound and video technology.” Company: Sonic Chair Contact: Jan Stühn Web: