Resorts & Retreats Awards 2020

Page 34 LUX 2020 Resorts and Retreats Awards As a subsidiary of the Buccini-Pollin Group and pmHG, who have been developing and operating hotels, multi-family and commercial properties for over 25 years, Christina River Exchange was started in response to the desire to have greater control over FF&E procurement. Whilst the actual buying of FF&E is just a small part of what Christina River Exchange does, it is the knowledge, expertise and experience the team provides to anticipate and mitigate risks within the procurement cycle to help owners achieve budget and schedule which is their real value. Brining to the table more 25 years of experience and understanding of the risk points associated with FF&E procurement, Christina River Exchange take a comprehensive, integrated approach to procurement and have managed highly complex procurement projects – on-time and on-budget. Each member of the Christina River Exchange team is expected to be diligent, knowledgeable, and well-versed in all aspects of procurement as well as the entire project cycle. It is important for the firm that everyone takes ownership for their work and are committed doing their part to ensure the entire project team is successful. Approaching every project with integrity and a commitment to excellence, Christina River Exchange seek Located in Wilmington, Delaware, Christina River Exchange is a full-service FF&E/OS&E procurement company specializing in the hospitality, multi-family, commercial and food and beverage sectors. Following their recent success in LUXlife’s Resorts and Retreats Awards 2020, we profiled Christina River Exchange to find out how it established a reputation for being one of the best full- service FF&E procurement companies in the USA. Christina River Exchange Best Full-Service FF&E Procurement Company - USA out opportunities to add value – whether it be through value engineering, presenting important comparative data, problem solving or ensuring deadlines are met – the team are laser focused on satisfying their clients. For many businesses this year, COVID-19 has certainly tested the strength and determination to succeed for firms from every sector. It has forced business, regardless of their sector, to find new ways to work and operate so they can continue to provide their customers with the same level of service they have come to expect. Fortunately for Christina River Exchange, FF&E procurement is an ever-changing industry - especially as it relates to innovations in technology and products. As such, clients expect the team to be experts and understand how advances can positively impact their project. Whilst COVID impacted countless businesses, the expectation Christina River Exchange’s clients have were not affected, so the team continued their meetings with product vendors over zoom to ensure they were kept up to date on new products and offerings. Of course, business for Christina River Exchange did slow down for the team, especially during the early phases – but they utilized this time to focus on refining their internal processes, improving reporting and conducting in-depth project after-action reviews to ensure we provide exceptional service, every time. As for what the future holds, it is clear that nothing, not even a global pandemic will slow the outstanding work the team at Christina River Exchange effortlessly provide to their clients. Going forward, the Christina River Exchange team will continue to go above and beyond for their clients, exceeding their expectations and further cementing their reputation as the Best Full-Service FF&E Procurement Company – USA. Contact: Michelle Schwandt, Co-Founder & Managing Director Company: Christina River Exchange Web: