Resorts & Retreats Awards 2020 Page 35 LUX 2020 Resorts and Retreats Awards Based in Yorkshire, The Mosaic Spa Company bring an elegant aesthetic to any project providing endless options and a precision finish. To start, Terence provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its typical clientele. “By nature, we work in the commercial sector manufacturing spas & pools for luxury resorts and hotels, as well as for domestic retail customers who are looking to enhance their home facilities. During our time we have worked with high-profile celebrities and some of the UK’s most renowned hotels and spas. The firm’s ever-growing team of experts possess vast experience and knowledge in all spa building disciplines, this alongside a strict inspection process ensures we get the prefect finish with every product that leaves the workshop.” Operating in the UK resorts and retreats sector can be a rather daunting prospect, however as Terence goes on to explain, the firm’s customer service approach has paid dividends in recent times. “Many of our clients want to create unique experiences for their guests and with our truly limitless supply of possibilities, we are able to more than meet their expectations. Our designers work closely with clients to create truly distinctive designs which are then brought to life by our highly skilled and experienced spa technicians. Thanks to our open-door customer service policy, clients feel as though they can speak to us anytime they need, regarding any subject. In turn, this gives our clients peace of mind and helps us productively work as a collective to produce the perfect product.” The Mosaic Spa Company are specialists in the design and manufacture of industry leading bespoke GRP mosaic tiled spas and pools. Following the firm’s well-deserved success in the Resorts & Retreats Awards 2020, we got in touch with Terence Duggan to find out more. The Mosaic Spa Company Best Bespoke Mosaic Tiled Spa Design/Build Company - UK Regarding recruitment, the firm’s growth in recent years has enabled it to attract a better pool of candidates as Terence explains further. “The way in which we approach recruitment has changed, especially with the growth of the company which now gives us more pulling power. Much like the quality assurance audit that our products go through, our recruitment process is strict and ensures the most appropriate candidate in terms of skill and ability to fit in to the company culture is chosen.” Despite the outbreak of COVID-19, the firm still managed to prosper during the pandemic with clients looking to improve and upgrade their facilities. Terence added “Something which has taken us by surprise (Due to the current climate) is just how quick our meteoritic rise through the industry has come, with us now sitting as one of the market leaders at the end of 2020. There was a huge increase in both the commercial and domestic markets with people having to spend more time at home, along with hotels and resorts using this period to upgrade or add to their existing facilities. Due to the rapid increase in orders and clients, we’ve had to grow several teams within both the factory and office from designers to specialists in various spa manufacturing disciplines.” Finally, Terence comments on some of the firm’s future plans as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. “Currently, our business is going through a very speedy growth period which has resulted in us expanding our current UK premises with a number of new buildings to make space for all the recent additions to our teams and to keep up with high demand. This high demand coming from not only our UK clients but our growing European dealer network that stretches through several countries, with us looking to add many more.” Company: The Mosaic Spa Company Contact: Terence Duggan Website: