Resorts & Retreats Awards 2020 Page 9 LUX 2020 Resorts and Retreats Awards Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, lies Eupepsia, an award-winning wellness resort, boasting extensive outdoor and indoor facilities. Known for its wellness sanctuary which offers both tranquility and wellbeing, Eupepsia has been carefully designed to help guests reconnect with themselves and align with nature, for transformative benefits. We profiled the boutique wellness resort to discover how they help guests achieve their wellness goals. Eupepsia Wellness Resort Best Boutique Wellness Resort - USA Sep201097 Established on the science and philosophy of Ayurveda, Eupepsia offers guests an immersive experience with an integrated approach that is centered around sound sleep, gourmet ‘farm-to-table’ dining, advanced health, wellbeing and yoga therapies, as well as mindfulness for optimal energy. Whether to rejuvenate, de-stress, detox, lose weight, get fit or even simply wanting a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings, Eupepsia is ready to help guests with specialized retreats that are designed to make the most out of their stays. This approach reflects Eupepsia’s mission to help people strengthen their health naturally to achieve inner and outer balance and wellness at all levels of the self, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, for a truly transformative experience. Helping to fulfil this mission, a team of specialists personalize Eupepsia’s wellness retreat programs to each person’s bio-individuality, health condition and goals, for optimum benefits. Soaking up the red cedar chalet ambience and savoring the delicious, healthy plant- based meals at one of the many alfresco and indoor dining facilities, guests adore all of the amenities that Eupepsia provides. Each chef-prepared meal draws inspiration from a variety of world cuisines and is prepared using fresh produce from the resort’s organic greenhouses, botanical garden and fruit tree orchards, to help guests stay naturally well- nourished during their visit. Immersing themselves in the fragrant fields, and farm and woodland which surround the wellness sanctuary, guests can find a sense of tranquillity. They can also center themselves in the meditative yoga sessions that take in place in the vast 8,000 square-feet Grand Yoga Hall, embraced in a red cedar and marble environment and handcrafted by world renowned artists, or in Eupepsia’s open- air yoga studios on the pond or in the pergola. Alternatively, guests can discover the healing and detoxing power of water therapy in Eupepsia’s indoor or outdoor spa, or drift into deep relaxation with an infrared sauna or salt flotation session, or cleanse and renew in the Himalayan Salt Chalet. Essentially, Eupepsia’s diverse selection of treatments and classes means that there is something for everyone to enjoy. As part of Eupepsia’s aim to empower guests with wellness knowledge that will help them extend the retreat’s benefits once they’re back home, guests are invited to attend insightful themed talks and workshops during their stay. Guests who choose a more tailored program are also provided with a personal at-home program when they leave and the team is available for them to stay in touch. A common factor that is highlighted among the countless positive reviews for the resort is how much guests love the immersive and integrated experience with real-time curation, which helps them get the most of their wellness retreat. Since the early days at the award-winning wellness resort, Eupepsia has been committed to the wellbeing of each guest that visits their establishment. As part of this commitment, the team at Eupepsia is always keeping abreast of new scientific advancements, which they continuously incorporate into their services, whilst simultaneously remaining close and true to nature, whose healing powers science is increasingly recognizing as priceless. For example, they will soon be introducing oxygen and hydrogen therapy, among other new cutting-edge therapies, which have been scientifically proven to support general health and wellbeing. As the boutique wellness resort continues to introduce more services to cultivate an atmosphere that embodies tranquility and wellness, we are certain that Eupepsia will remain as one of the best boutique wellness resorts in the USA. Contact: Joana Samhoun Company: Eupepsia Wellness Resort Web Address: