LUXlife New Year Issue 2021

18 Nov20510 Rediscover Yourself The Place Retreats is a bespoke sanctuary of calm designed to offer life-changing paths to healing and transformation. The retreats offer visitors an opportunity to rediscover a sense of stillness and guide oneself on a journey towards a deeper wisdom of oneself and a more balanced life. We take a closer look at the Balinese refuge and find out about its transformative work. Situated on the southwestern coast of Bali, in the town of Seminyak, The Place Retreats is a boutique sanctuary of calm, conscientiously created to offer powerful channels towards healing and transformation. Offering a combination of psychotherapy, daily kundalini yoga and meditation, and a selection of complementary therapies, The Place offers bespoke retreats designed to help visitors achieve their best sense of self. The Place operates with the philosophy that mental health is an intrinsic part of a person’s complete health that cannot be separated. Whilst eating healthily and exercising may improve physical wellbeing, a negative mindset will overwhelm a person and prevent total health and contentment from being achieved. Many of the visitors who arrive at The Place are fraught with anxiety, sadness or burnout and are seeking a fundamental and profound transformation to become the masters of their own lives. The Place employs celebrated experts who can create a space for deeper connections with oneself, that inspires guests to be who they were born to be. Using proven physical, emotional and psychological techniques, guests are taught how to release the stress and pressures of everyday life, to reset the mind and body, and to take control of negative habits that cause unhappiness. For many suffering travellers, whether it be from burnout or anxiety, grief or broken-hearts, addiction or other destructive behavioural patterns, the solutions are rarely effective. Many are recommended yoga retreats or medical spas that are too generalised and do not seek to tackle the heart of the issue. The Place was created to change this. The sanctuary was established by Jean-Claude Chalmet, a highly regarded psychotherapist in Europe who has treated clients from across the globe in his twenty-year career. His integrative approach toward therapy was implemented into The Place when it opened its doors in Bali in 2015, offering a range of personalised retreat programmes that combine psychotherapy, kundalini yoga and other complementary therapies that deliver deep and sustainable emotional and psychological changes. The team are united in this vision to help guests attain a better standard of living, and share their expertise and insights in the immersive, healing environment of The Place. As a centre dedicated to emotional recovery, self-discovery, habit building and fundamentally, personal development, The Place is also committed to the development of its own staff, who work towards personal goals and strive to be the best guides that they can be for their guests. The ongoing pandemic has inevitably had its impacts on The Place and its operations, but its mission remains the same: to help guests evolve into a better version of themselves by way of emotional awareness, emotional self-regulation, and through enhancing self-motivation, delayed gratification, empathy, and communication abilities. Whether they visit as an individual, a couple or a family, guests receive tailored treatments and healing paths that work best for them to achieve their personal goals. Technology is proving to be instrumental in helping The Place discover how they can continue to improve their services and establish what clients are seeking from retreats such as The Place. Moreover, technology is contributing to the sanctuary’s efforts to normalise therapy and destigmatise mental health to great effects. Whilst ten years ago a male CEO in a male-dominated enterprise would have struggled to admit to employees and colleagues he was going on a yoga retreat, this is now no longer the case. For The Place, the next step is to normalise mental health to the same degree. In five years, The Place aims to see the same male CEO able to announce, ‘I am going through a painful divorce and will be going on a mental recovery retreat next week to help myself’. Consequently, The Place remains devoted to its mission to improve and transform the lives of those around the world who are suffering for whatever reason. With its conscientious combination of psychotherapy, yoga and healing treatments, The Place will continue to help guests be confident in becoming the person they were supposed to be. Company: The Place Retreats Contact: Alka Martine Web Address: