LUXlife New Year Issue 2021

6 Timeless Designs Ami Austin Interior Design is an award-winning full-service interior design firm located in Memphis, Tennessee. Known for a sophisticated and intriguing style, Ami Austin combines profound insights with a passion for inimitable design to create memorable interiors for residential and commercial projects. We spoke to principal designer and President Ami Austin to find out more. Nov20374 Established in 2004, Ami Austin Interior Design is a full-service interior design firm in Memphis, Tennessee that is recognized across the US as an award-winning purveyor of sophisticated and intriguing interiors. Ami Austin, President and principal designer of the firm, boasts versatility and skill in transforming homes, offices and commercial spaces into designs tailored to suit the function of the space and the visions of her clients. Her wealth of design knowledge and portfolio of unique, beautiful and functional designs has made her a leading representative of the US luxury home market, also working on multi-family developments, historical home renovations and many corporate designs. “We love the diversity all of these projects bring and the challenges to be creative in so many markets and design endeavors,” Ami tells us. “We are happy to also take our place in the communities we work in to support the arts and charitable endeavors when we can, as a part of giving back and staying connected to the good work these organizations do. We are overjoyed by the chance to work with so many wonderful and accomplished clients.” Ami takes full responsibility for every design plan she works on and oversees the progress of each project on a daily basis, personally attending and finalizing all installations ready to be revealed to the client. She is supported by her inhouse team who are responsible for the day to day logistics and liaison with contractors once a project reaches the execution phase. Ami’s fulltime project manager is a vital member of the team,